Don McLean Interview – BBC Radio 1 1991

October 1991 was an exciting time for all UK fans of Don McLean as he had just released American Pie as a CD single (also containing Vincent and Castles in the Air). At the time this interview was broadcast the single was at No 45 in the charts; it soon climbed to the top-10 with Don subsequently appearing live on ‘Top of the Pops’ and included here is video of that appearance.

Our extracts start with Don McLean commenting on version 2 of ‘Castles in the Air’ that introduced the show followed by the first of several observations on ‘American Pie’

We hear the end of Don singing part of Pie Live. [Other Copyright restrictions (other than those attributed to the BBC) prevent me broadcasting entire songs!] We now hear more about American Pie including Don’s account of the first time he sang the song for the public.

Yet more on American Pie including Don explaining one part of the songs meaning. He then moves on to talk a little about his position within country music.

This extract starts with a pause following Don singing ‘1967’ live and then comment on the ‘new’ album, ‘Headroom’ and his enthusiasm for recording cover versions.

A burst of Fred Astaire singing ‘Wonderful Baby’.

We hear the end of Killing Us Softly followed by Don talking about his links with Roberta Flack and how he wished (wishes) she would record ‘And I Love You So’……..

The final extract talks a little about the success of ‘And I Love You So’. Don also discusses his meeting with Fred Astaire when they stayed together at Claridges in London. The show ended with the classic ‘Everyday’ sung Live

In 1991, Don McLean found himself back in the UK top-10 with the re-released ”American Pie” single. He appeared on ”Top of the Pops” with the Jamie Marshall band and gave one of the greatest ever performances of ”American Pie” .


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  1. was so excited to find this interview that i must have been searching for for over 15 years, but none of the links work!! :(( help anyone?…

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