Legendary Songs of Don McLean


  1. Words and Music
  2. American Pie
  3. Since I Don’t Have You
  4. Maybe Baby
  5. Crying
  6. Castles in the Air
  7. If I Only Had a Match
  8. Your Cheatin’ Heart
  9. And I Love You So
  10. Vincent
  11. Winterwood
  12. If We Try
  13. Everyday
  14. Wonderful Baby
  15. Crossroads
  16. Jerusalem
  17. Dreidel
  18. Headroom
  19. Have You Seen Me
  20. Just to Hold My Hand
  21. Empty Chairs

Released by EMI Records in 2003. Comprehensive compilation for the North American market that features a previously unreleased track called “Just to hold my hand”.

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  1. “If &#39Birthday Song&#39 and &#39The Very Thought of You&#39 were included, this would really be a classic 5-star album! (Rated 4 out of 5)”

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