Glasgow concert – fan reviews

Name: david leckie
Show: pavilion in glasgow
Review: The backing group were far too loud for my wife and I, to hear Don McLean properly at first, especially as we were upstairs. We still enjoyed and were moved by Mr McLeans performance, I think the fans enjoy the quieter numbers but never mind please,please come back to glasgow again-we all love and respect you very much.

Name: peter griffin
Show: pavilion theatre Glasgow
Review: Some dodgy sound on the first two songs threatened to spoil things, but a steely stare from Don soon had things back on track.Judging by audience reaction the extended American Pie is very popular but personally I feel Don is dumbing down his great Opus.I cant complain about a 2 hour set but no Castles in the Air was disappointing!I suppose there just was’nt enough Prime Time to fit it in.

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