Radio & TV appearances June/July 2003

TV and radio work associated with the re-issue of the American Pie album on June 24th:

June 24th

7am-10.00am Live with Regis and Kelly

Don will perform 2 songs and will be interviewed

June 24

11am – 11.30am

Westwood Radio One. Syndicated to 2000 radio stations across the country. Interview.

4pm – 6pm

Hard Rock Cafe Ceremony, NY City.

This event will be heavily publicized across the city and is likely to be covered by numerous print and elctronic outlets. Don will be signing CDs of the re-issue of American Pie.

7 – 7.30pm,

CNN Headline News. Broadcast around the world.

June 25

7.00am – 9.00amm

Canada AM. Don will perform two songs and will be interviewed.

9.30 -11.30

VH1 Radio Tour – taped and live radio interviews across the country

2 – 4pm

VH1 Classic Television

Perform 3 songs and interview. Will air heavily on rotation for approx 3 weeks.

June 26

8.00- 10.00

ABC Radio Tour. Interview for 3000 radio stations across the country.

2 -2.30

AP Radio Interview – 30 min interview with Margie Szaroleta. 5000 broadcast outlets and 1000 websites around the world.

Weekend of July 4th

CBS Sunday Morning

Please note not all these timed events are live. This is Don’s schedule, not the radio station’s schedule.

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