American Pie re-mastered

NEW YORK – Don McLean (news) is certain the newly remastered version of the “American Pie” album will give you a newfound appreciation for it.

McLean said through the years, every time the title track was added to a compact disc, it was tweaked or equalized, so it ended up sounding foggy. He said that’s been rectified.

McLean wrote “American Pie” just for himself, and he never thought it would become as popular as it did. He has said the song was inspired by the death of Buddy Holly (news).

“This is something I tried to do which I succeeding in doing,” he told AP Radio. “I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. And that was to create a dreamlike, forward moving story about America using culture and politics. That’s a lot to bite off in one song.”

McLean, 57 and living in Maine, said when he wrote the song it wasn’t that long since The Beatles’ “Sgt. Pepper” had come out, and he decided this was going to be his “Sgt. Pepper.”

McLean said the reason the song is almost nine minutes long is because he was listening to the story in his head and it took that long to finish it.

As for those movies called “American Pie,” McLean said he let them use the name but he’s never seen them and doesn’t plan to. General Motors Corp. also featured the 33-year-old song in commercials for its Chevrolet brand.

The new “American Pie” is presently available in stores.


(from Associated Press)


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  1. i know it has been written some time ago but i was wondering Don’s take on the weird al star wars parody of his greatest song American Pie

  2. Dear Don,
    Of all the 1300 tracks I play for audiences, (including 130 of my own), “American Pie” has always been my favorite one to play… Although out here in West Texas many people would complain, saying that your song is “too long”, or ask me to play a “shorter” wersion of it… I tell them that if I play a shorter version, it would be like tearing several chaspters out of a book, and it wouldn’t make any sense. They tell me, “It doesn’t make any sense anyway!”… but they just don’t GET IT!!!… When I play “American Pie”, I always say before that “This is an “Audience Participa-tion” song, and that MOST people remember the Chorus, but not very many can keep the verses straight…
    I am very PROUD to say that I LOVE American Pie, and that it always surprises people when I play the whole song through, and NEVER miss a verse. But what does your “updated” version sound like??
    I heard from someone that the lyrics were changed to reflect on the scene of Rock-n-Roll, MANY other Stars have died since 1959, (the year I was born)!!
    It willalways be my “coupe de Grace”… and my personal favorite!!!
    God Bless, and Jesus loves You!!!
    Bobby W. Elliott.

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