The Hudson River Clearwater Sloop


Aboard that sloop, Don McLean wrote several new songs (including ‘Tapestry’, which featured o­n his first album and was an inspiration for the formation of Greenpeace) and edited a songbook entitled ‘Songs ands Sketches of the First Clearwater Crew’.

Since that first voyage, the Clearwater sloop has continued to make its annual journey with its crew of volunteers. The Clearwater Organisation has grown into a major environmental group that has lobbied Government and public opinion with great success.

In 2002, Pete Seeger was named a ‘Clean Water Hero’ “for promoting passage of and keeping alive the promise of the Clean Water Act, o­ne of the most successful
environmental laws in this country”.

You can learn more about the activities of Clearwater at



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  1. I’ve been a fan of Pete Seeger (and the Weavers) for years though I haven’t heard anything about him for a long time. I assume he is still alive. Is he still touring and playing?

  2. very much alive, at age 89, no longer touring, but he still plays and sings. he did a concert in prospect park last summer, with Guy Davis and Tau Rodriquez (Pete’s grandson), and sang at the memorial to Odetta at riverside church a few days ago.

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