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  1. I’ve been fortunate to have been closer to Don on this tour than ever before and I can tell you he takes the job of performing seriously! He understands many of the audience have been with him for a very long time – and that they know all/b his old songs. He said to me if these people only want to hear the old songs they would play a cd – and if they only wanted American Pie they would have stopped coming years ago.I agree with him.
    The Evan Theatre is a theatre attached to a football club – the aim of the club is to get the punters back into the club to spend money on grog or the slots – and 1200 people can spend up big time.
    Clearly attached to Don’s dressing room door was a sign that read Running Sheet
    Don McLean performs 8 pm till 9.15pm – it was goingto be a SHORT SHOW! OR SO THE CLUB THOUGHT!
    Don opened with Everyday and then into a wonderful True Love Ways with Strings (for the first time I gather) the whole show was different – Don had the audience from song one – he teased them he played with them and he sang with them!One punter called for American Pie about 40 minutes in = Don’s answer NO! He wasnt going to be back anytime soon so he was going to make the best of it and sing the audience lots of songs.
    He then talked how his son loves chicken fingers but he has to eat the broccoli first – he then asked Ralph do chicken have fingers – Ralph replaied yeah Buffalo fingers. I can’t recall the set list 3 concerts in 3 days welded together .For me the absolute thrill of hearing so many new performances has been the highlight of the tour. Ive now heard the 4 NEW songs plus another dozen plus I had never heard Don sing before live :
    Masters of War
    Another Dylan song about the blues
    A wonderful If you could read my mind
    A great Josh White song about 20 souls meeting their god
    Plus that great Josh song from Solo
    A Johnny Cash love song about getting to the end of the street and turning round
    Love Hurts
    True Love Ways
    Shes once twice three times (the size that i met her)
    Heartbreak Hotel
    THe more you pay – the more its worth
    Oh my what a shame
    I Ride an Old Paint (with dobro)
    and there were more – a great rendition by the three tenors about all they have is the club down the road.
    ive missed a few – but everytime I heard a new song was a thrill.
    I understand where Phil is coming from as well – hes at a good time in his life – (and the three of you looked great)
    As for the critic – what a sad day it must have been when the editor scanned the office for the biggest nark to take the job of music critic . Don had a
    dig at music critics in the show – saying they just don’t understand – he does not have an act – he just sings to make people happy – the audience in Sydney were happy – very very happy. THe critic was last seen screaming at an old lady in a wheel chair for going to slow.

    Bob Gregg

  2. What a tremendous entertainer Don McLean is. From start to finish, he held the attention of the sold out audience in his hands.
    I took a mate as the wife didn’t want to go, and he did not know what to expect. He was over the moon. Not just the songs, but the way Don related to the audience and totally entertained everyone. There was one song he did, and maybe someone can help me with its title. The song was quite long, and spoke of life, love, death, black forest and chain lightening in the sky. What a powerful song. But that is what Don McLean does, tells magnificent stories with a tune and feeling.
    THANK YOU Don McLean for sharing your time with us and it was an evening I will never forget.

  3. copied from guestbook

    Just 30 mins (16th September 04), ago I was at Panthers Club in Penrith Australia to see Don’s show. Bloody cracker!! I can’t praise him enough for a great nights entertainment for me & the ball & chain (missus).. Regards, Nick Brent.

  4. Copied from guestbook

    Just had a great time at your concert in Penrith. My husband and I were there with our two sons this time. We also saw you in Penrith in ’98 and Perth in ’82 and each time it has been a wonderful experience. Sadly, the ’98 concert in Penrith was spoiled by two very loud drunken fools who sat next to us as you sang your last two songs – Vincent and American Pie! Fortunately, we did not sit near them tonight! Sorry to hear you won’t be passing through this way anytime soon – all the very best

  5. Don has surpassed his 2 previous efforts – his 2 hour concert at Panthers was fabulous – more new songs – a new act – the three tenors .
    Will write a detailed review but it was 5/5 top stuff.

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