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  1. After a very disappointing “herding” in of guests into the crown showroom, by what I can describe only as thugs (crown casino ushers), with no smiles to be seen anywhere by staff, I have to say all the excitement and enthusiam that was building up during the course of the day plummeted. Upon sitting down row F in what can only be described as squashed up, ad hoc seating, I was then very dissappointed by the poor manner in which staff at crown casino continued to herd people into their seats well after 8pm and during “Fellicity’s” wonderful performance. Finally after much waiting and being uncomfortable squashed in my seat…by this stage I was seriously considering walking out, The man I’d come to see walked on stage, initially it was obvious he was uncomfortable with a very dry throat, but as the evening went on the true professional and magnificent Don Maclean melted my heart and dissolved all my anger towards the organisers of the show away. I was truly moved by the lyrics and clarity of the wonderful songs I grew up with. In addition to this, the three new compositions, Jerusalem, I hate fashion and another (can’t remember name)were very moving, and yet again confirmed why Mr Maclean is truly talented in his ability to communicate with music. So despite my dissatisfaction with the venue and organisers who did not do this man justice with a very poorly organised event, I will cherish this experience and opportunity to see and meet a wonderful artist.

  2. After an absence of 6 years Don entertained his expectant fans superlatively on Friday, 17/09/04. Even though suffering from a dry throat he kept his sometimes subdued but ever appreciative audience spellbound by singing all his familiar hits as well as many of his other songs which hold special significance to us. Having been to many Don McLean concerts over the years we know he never performs one the same but last night we were treated to a first here in Melbourne when Don (in already very fine, strong voice) popped a throat lozenge in his mouth and proceeded to sing the next few songs appearing relaxed and confident. Though ably assisted by his wonderful back up band of Tony, Ralph, Mike & Jerry, Don also performed some quiet songs on his own, reminiscent of the Solo Album. The show ended all too soon with a rousing American Pie in which Don invited the audience’s participation and that they did with much enthusiasm as they farewelled Don from the stage. Afterwards Don came back to graciously sign his CDs, DVDs, & posters. We again were privileged to share in the magnificent talent of Don McLean – thank you.

  3. I needed to type these early morning verses on here , after regretting not meeting Don and obtaining an autographed copy of his latest CD last night. Painful , but I think Don might understand the feelings….


    The euphoria of holding your hand,
    of holding you whilst Don sings,
    of knowing of our love,
    and I love you so.

    Don would understand the pain of
    choices . Of love . Vincent knew
    of distress of longing….
    the world was too painful.

    The signature lost , the meeting
    forever left undone , the
    pain of regret lingers till…
    the American Pie vanishes.

    Of yearning to have met you,
    talked , touched , and shared you,
    with pain of love and confusion,
    seemingly always.

    Oh God , I have you Carmel ,
    and his music and our love
    but not his signature,
    as such.

  4. My wife , Carmel , and I and six other friends were privileged to see Don McLean perform his musical magic for us last night in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to have sat in the third row centre , and we were absolutely moved by the gentle delivery of his loved songs , old and new.

    We hung on every word sung….and even though Don was obviously uncomfortable with a dry throat ( as were we ! ) , it didn’t detract from allowing his trademark mellow and refined tones coming through when needed. Carmel hung onto my hand that little bit tighter during Crossroads and I had something in my eye during his magnificent Starry Starry Night ! Thanks Don !

    I must say , though , that when he sang American Pie and invited us all to sing on our own towards the end of the song….he had to ask us all to raise our voices ! I sincerely believe that the reason we were that little bit quieter in singing the verse is that the Melbourne audience were in absolute awe of singing this great song in front of the man who wrote and sang it originally ! I guess it was a mark of respect , both for him and the mystique that surrounds that memorable song in particular.

    In closing…..my only regret this morning as I wake up , contemplating last nights performance , is that I didn’t wait back to meet and get Don’s signature on a CD after the show. In fact I felt quite miserable about it , as I felt I wanted to thank Don for giving us his music, especially as Carmel and I were falling in love at the time when his music was constantly on the turntable !
    I’ve had to pen a few words ( poem ? ), to help alleviate this peculiar feeling of loss……..smiling.

    I have included my verses in the next review email……Take care , Don……and thanks

    Peter ( and Carmel ) Di Rago
    Melbourne , Australia

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