The Converted

Fiona writes:

Hi All,

I could never have be classed as a Don Mclean fan.  I only knew 2
songs Vincent and American pie.  That is untill last night at the
Glasgow gig.  I am now a true convert!!  My partner has
always raved about all that is “Don Mclean” and for many reasons he has
always missed his tours up till now.  I was lost for ideas for a
birthday gift so the tour came at an ideal time, I came along as
company but came away truly enthralled. He says it is the best gift he
has ever had so everyone was happy.  When Don played Vincent you
could hear a pin drop in the auditorium. He then launched straight into
American pie which was spectacular!!

 We too can’t wait till he comes back next year for the 2 weeks
and we will be bringing everyone along too!!  Scott Mcdonald made
a good if nervous sprint through his set but we will watch out for him
on the music scene! 

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