Two weeks in Glasgow … I go for that!

Ken Fletcher writes:

Don was in great form in Glasgow and, after a rather uneventful start, he really started to enjoy himself. After asking for and receiving a beer, was it me or did his voice improve?
Great version of Crossroads, though as with most of the set, I thought that the music tended to dominate the overall effect (no offence Tony), rather than complement the singer.
I took some friends for the first time to hear Don and they commented, as I always do, that it was a privilege to see a performer who sounded better live than he does on tape, and that there was obviously no fancy trickery to ‘help’ him perform, like a noisy backing group or even, God forbid, miming!
For £20 (inc booking fee) this must be the best value ‘proper’ concert by a rock and pop legend that you can get.
Like an earlier correspondent, I think the audience felt let down by the lack of an encore, but at least by then we’d had a straight two hours. Even so, Don left a wealth of his best stuff out and if, as he jokingly promised to, does come back to do all of his two-week European tour in Glasgow, then I’ll be there every night!
PS, I thought there was something quite civilised about watching a great concert with a drink in hand!

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