Great music from a great musician

Denis Twomey writes:

I really enjoyed the concert last night in the Olympia. It was obvious
that all the band, but particularly Don McLean himself were enjoying
the night. The audience certainly were – a full night of Don McLean –
no support group and nealry three hours of playing a great selesction
of old favourites and new titles.
The only two faults I would mention were the venue and the lighting.
There are numerous venues in Dublin that would be far more suited to a
performer of the calibre of Don McLean. The Helix, for example would be
far more comfortable for audience and band alike. The lighting did not
reflect the mood of the songs at any stage and at times even the
featured person was in the dark, while for some of the real dark
numbers, all musicians were lit even though they were not playing. A
real lost opportunity.
Despite the two gripes, I really enjoyed the entire show.
Great value for money.
Looking forward to the new album and hopefully a return tour.

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