Dublin concerts – Not bad at all…

Alan writes:

Don McLean’s concerts in Dublin on Sunday and Monday were two of the best I’ve attended. It would be unthinkable for Don to perform without a band these days, just as it may have been unthinkable for him to perform with a band in the 70s. Together Don and the chaps – Tony, Ralph, Pat and Jerry – are producing close to musical perfection.

The highlight of both evenings for me was Don’s performance of ‘If You Could Read My Mind’. Recorded in 1978, a remixed version is coming out on Don’s new album, Rearview Mirror, in October. I feel this is the song that would propel Don back towards the top of the singles charts – perhaps a better bet than ‘Run Diana Run’ (the planned single, which may now also be released in the UK).
Both concerts featured an excellent version of Lotta’ Lovin from Don’s Chain Lightning album. However the highlight for many was probably the performance on Monday evening of ‘Empty Chairs’, surely Don’s greatest love song?
Both concerts lasted nearly three hours with a different set list each night. It was great to see the theatre packed on Sunday and nearly a full house again the day after. A larger and more modern venue would further enhance the enjoyment for many in the audience.
I know the promoter wants Don to come back again next year. Unfortunately no English tour is currently in the pipeline. An autumn number 1 with ‘If You Could Read My Mind’ would change all that.

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