My best music experience. Ever.

Rune Jahnsen – Norway writes:

I did not either think that I ever should manage to get to a consert with
Don Mc Lean. My hero since I was 15 y o in 1974. We traveled from Norway
on friday evening, and back home on sunday. It became my best music life
experience ever…!! An outstanding songwriter, performer and singer. A
brilliant band. An world class artist with a lot of humor. These words
dos’nt just cover what i feel. It was just beautiful, and above all my
dreams. The top of it all; We met his guitar- and piano-player on town
after the consert. And…!!! I met Mr. Don McLean 05:30 on sunday morning,
in the hotel lobby. He and his band was on their way home after a month
touring Euorpe. With 26 hours to travel… My musical Hero for nearly 30
years, took time with me, to shake my hand, talk to me, and give me his
autograph on my lyrics sheet of “Vincent”, in my song book. I am way up
high… I’ll never forget that consert. And I’ll never forget that early
morning in Denmark. Thank you sir, and your band. Hope you all got safe
home, and I’ll bee there when you come to Norway. I am so happy…!!

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