Glasgow, Isle Of Man and Dublin (twice)

hannah writes:

Well what a way to spend a holiday.  4 Don concerts in 8 days.  There were so many great moments that I’d be here till Christmas if I tried to do justice to them.  The particular highlights for me were “Oh My What A Shame” (Dublin – 1st night) one of my utmost favourites which in 32 years of attending Don concerts I had never heard live, “Birthday Song” (IOM) which sounded wonderful and which Don and the band had presumably  boned up on fairly hastily as Bill and I and others had put in late requests for this one, the IOM concert being the occasion of Bill’s 50th birthday,  “I Was Always Young” (Glasgow, IOM and Dublin 2nd night), Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” (all 4 concerts) and the second “half” of the Glasgow concert. 
At Glasgow Don played American Pie, Vincent and Crying quite early on and a number of other classic songs and then asked for a beer and said he figured us punters had got our moneysworth and now he could play what he liked.  What he liked turned out to be a number of Western Songs, “Woodie Guthrie’s “Hard Travellin'”, “If You Could Read My Mind”  and so much more and for someone like myself who is quite happy to listen to American Pie,  Vincent, etc. however many times (in fact “Vincent” was particularly stunning on this occasion – oh and so was “Crossroads”) these more unusual songs were a real gift and were a  pleasure to hear, particularly as Don seemed to be enjoying himself.  Then there was “Addicted To Black” (Dublin first night)  which really rocked and well..I could go on and on.
Many thanks to Bill H, Drummond, Katherine, Neil, Matthew, Joe, Syl, Annie, Angela, Bill N. and Ross for being such good company between the concerts, to Lenny in the Isle Of Man and last but by no means least to Don Ralph, Pat, Tony and Jerry for being so good to us and for providing us all with such great music and a truly wonderful time.

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