Oh my, what a shame

Erik writes:

Oh my, what a shame I heard only one concert.

It was great to hear one of my old time favorites on Sunday in Dublin. He didn’t mention its title, but I loved hear him singing “Oh my, what a shame”. It brought tears to my eyes and memories in my heart. This was the fourth concert of Don I visited, and although #3 was almost thirty years ago in Amsterdam, his voice is still formidable. Never heard “Crying” in a live performance before, but it was so very well sung and no faltering whatsoever in the high notes! I loved it! The “River is wild” performance with the audience was another highlight, as intimate as “Babylon” on the Solo album and as I can remember from one of his Amsterdam concerts. It seems almost inevitable that American Pie is part of the concert. I wonder if he ever thinks to skip it for once himself. The audience loved to sing it with him. 

I hope he’ll visit Europes mainland again someday. I’ll go and see Don McLean in concert again. Fot this time, I’ll live with the memory of e great concert and some photographs. 



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