Don McLean’s new single “Farewell”


Don’s first single in the UK since American Pie hit the top-10 in 1991 is due out on August 28th 2006. It is ‘Farewell’, the song Don recorded for Mike Read’s album SONGS, a collection of songs written by Mike using the lyrics of Sir John Betjeman’s timeless poetry.

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To coincide with the 100th anniversary of the birth of the poet laureate John Betjeman SONGS has been remastered and repackaged. Originally released in 2004, the album will be re-issued this month. At the time of its first release Mike Read provided us with the following statement on Don’s involvement:

“I only ever approach artists to perform songs I’ve written if I truly believe that the song is right for them. Any songs that I’m invloved with have to be a perfect marriage of words and music. This is the case, I’ve always felt with Don’s songs…one feels that the words and music are as one and totally inseparable. I felt this particular song was one that Don would perform beautifully…and he did! Betjeman wrote it in Ireland during the early 1940’s, although he kept the object of his unrequited passion carefully cloaked under a psuedonym. I’ve always loved Don’s voice and songs, so I was delighted when he recorded ‘Farewell.’ Incidentally it was recorded in Liverpool while Don was on a tour of the UK [in 1997]. The record ‘Castles In The Air’ is still one of the most emotional songs in my list of all-time favourites.”
All the best Mike Read.


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  1. Mr. McLean: I just wanted to thank you for all the ways you have graced my life for most of my 67 years, just by performing, by existing. Please accept the thanks I should have given you long ago. Bless you.

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