From the author…

“I want to thank Don McLean for sharing his story with me.

Thanks to Fred Hellerman, Erik Darling, Pete Murphy, Pete Childs, Rob Stoner, Ed Freeman, Jerry Corbitt, Ed Begley Jr., Bob Dearborn, Joel Dorn, Larry Butler, Gordon Stoker, Chris Horsnell, John Platania, Tony Migliore, Ralph Childs, Jerry Kroon, Patrisha McLean, Dick Boak, Pat Severs, Fred Snel, Garth Brooks, Ron Buck, Bob Gregg, Alan Young, and Bill Nisbet for allowing me to include their thoughts on Don McLean and his music.

The Internet era means everyone has easy access to detailed information about their heroes. So writing an original biography has been a fantastic challenge but thanks to everyone mentioned above I hope you discover something new about Don McLean and find the book an enjoyable read…”

Alan Howard
Brinkworth, England


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