American Pie…Something touched me deep inside…

“Soon the relationship between McLean and Freeman became tense. They had different backgrounds and different ideas about how things should be done. Don liked to sing live, while Ed felt that convention dictated that vocals be over-dubbed. According to Freeman, McLean wanted a stripped-down, bare-bones production. ‘In spite of his pop influences and sophisticated material, that’s what he understood musically and felt comfortable doing.’ On the other hand, Freeman wanted to make a highly produced pop record, because that was musically challenging to him, and that was what was currently fashionable.”

Top producer Ed Freeman and Don McLean worked their magic brilliantly in creating the American Pie album but their relationship was not always as hot as their music. We hear from both Ed and Don about those tense recording sessions and what they really thought of one another.

The Don McLean Story: Killing Us Softly With His Songs by Alan Howard
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  1. I know that a lot of people have wondered,.. what “American Pie” is about,….
    so here is “My Guess” and I may be way off base,…

    I think it describes what most Christians would refer to as
    “The Great Tribulation” as depicted in The Book of Revelations.

    Bob Benson

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