Vincent (Starry Starry Night)


McLean wrote “Vincent,” also known as “Starry, Starry Night,” in the fall of 1970, while he was working for the Berkshire School District. He was living in the Sedgwick House, a beautiful Federal style house in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The Sedgwick family included Edie Sedgwick, a colorful figure whom Andy Warhol had filmed in the 1960s. McLean wrote “Vincent” in his apartment full of antiques. The inspiration came to him one morning while he was sitting on the veranda looking at a book about Vincent Van Gogh. As he studied a print of Van Gogh’s painting “Starry Night,” he realized that a song could be written about the artist through the painting.

“The more I thought about it, the more interesting and challenging the idea became. I put down the book and picked up my guitar, which was never far away, and started fiddling around, trying to get a handle on this idea, while the print of “Starry Night” stared up at me. Looking at the picture, I realized that the essence of the artist’s life is his art. And so, I let the painting write the song for me. Everyone is familiar with that painting.”
Van Gogh painted “Starry Night” during one of the most difficult periods of his life, while he was locked up in an asylum at Saint Remy. He had to paint the scene from memory, not outdoors as he preferred. Van Gogh mentioned “Starry Night” only twice in his letters to his brother, Theo. It is therefore one of the more mysterious and intriguing Van Gogh compositions.

The tremendous increase in value of Van Gogh’s works during the Seventies and Eighties may not have been caused by McLean’s song, but “Vincent” has become a permanent part of the Van Gogh legend.

Vincent was a bigger international hit than American Pie. In 1972, it reached number 1 in the UK and number 12 in the USA.

In recent years, the song has become even more well known thanks in part to Josh Groban’s successful version and to the song being sung by contestants on high profile shows such as American Idol and as a tribute to football legend George Best (making the UK top 3 in the process).

According to the movie “Tupac, the Resurrection,” Tupac Shakur was influenced by Don McLean, and his favorite song was “Vincent.” “Vincent”, along with “American Pie,” “And I Love You So,” and “Castles in the Air”, has been played over three million times on American radio.

Vincent Lyrics

vincent3 Starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey
Look out on a summer’s day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul
Shadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodils
Catch the breeze and the winter chills, in colors on the snowy linen land

Now I understand what you tried to say to me
How you suffered for you sanity
How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they did not know how, perhaps they’ll listen now

Starry starry night, flaming flowers that brightly blaze
Swirling clouds in violet haze reflect in Vincent’s eyes of china blue
Colors changing hue, morning fields of amber grain
Weathered faces lined in pain are soothed beneath the artist’s loving hand

For they could not love you, but still your love was true
And when no hope was left in sight, on that starry starry night
You took your life as lovers often do,
But I could have told you, Vincent,
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you

Starry, starry night, portraits hung in empty halls
Frameless heads on nameless walls with eyes that watch the world and can’t forget.
Like the stranger that you’ve met, the ragged man in ragged clothes
The silver thorn of bloody rose, lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

Now I think I know what you tried to say to me
How you suffered for you sanity How you tried to set them free
They would not listen they’re not listening still
Perhaps they never will.

Vincent Slide Show


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  1. I just watched your show in the ridgefield playhouse. I sat on first line, an asia woman. You pissed off when the security gurd forbidened us to take photo.
    For your stary night, I have a long story: the first time heard this son, when I was in China. It was in a restaurant with british music band show at 9 pm every night so they brought a lot of music to play before their show. Stary nigh was one of them. I was shocked by this song. in order to hear this song again and again, I must go to this restaurant and paid tips to the waitress so ask them play this song. But I didn’t know this song was connected with the painting starry night. I saw from the book before but cou;lld not fell anything. When the first time I knew yous song connected with the paiting, I felt the shock from the paiting, your song and my heart……..
    I was tearing when you song this starry night at that night! You are my idol! May I meet you at Botanical garden show and take a picutre with you?

  2. As a boy, some 30 years ago, I often listened to a Czech cover of Vincent. Very impressive, very sad (the singer was regarded a “Czech Buddy Holly”, not without good reason). Last week, I`ve heard Don`s original for the first time and since then, I`m listening to it again and again… As sad as the cover of the old days, but with much more allusions to Van Gogh`s paintings, and even much deeper empathy. The verse “but I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful like you” makes me speechless… Thank you Don!

  3. I listen to this song often. It’s absolutely beautiful. Amazing how many lives you touched and how many people just “get it”. Thank you.

  4. I heard Don McLean sing this live in Manchester UK in 1972. The best concert I have ever experienced. Stunning, superb!

  5. This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and still a song that plays in my head all the time. I have always been a fan of your music but this rises above all of the songs you have recorded. Thank you Mr Mclean for all of the music that lines the road of my youth and takes me into my later years.

  6. Don McLean, brother, I’ll be there in Las Vegas, July 1st, my birthday, to listen to your poetry of lyrical splendor and musical magic. Give me a BDay shout, Don…”Happy BDay, to Mossy McSharry.” Make my day man. See you July 1st!
    Right up front…can’t wait… poeta grande!

  7. I actually missed the finest line from this alternate verse.
    This was included in the August 1972 issue of Hit Parade Magazine.
    I always thought they received the Lyrics directly from the Music
    Publisher and this really was the original second verse.

    Starry, Starry Night, Twilight Clouds that Swirl and Glow
    Christmas Clouds in Marble Snow
    Reflect in Vincent’s Eyes of China Blue, Colors changing Hue
    Sunshine Flowers that Grow and Bloom
    Across the Fields behind the Room
    Where Children watch the Artists wooden hand

  8. Hi, has anyone heard this Song with this alternate second verse? Thanks,

    Starry, Starry Night, Twilight Clouds that Swirl and Glow

    Reflect in Vincent’s Eyes of China Blue, Colors changing Hue

    Sunshine Flowers that Grow and Bloom

    Across the Fields behind the Room

    Where Children watch the Artists wooden hand

    1. I know there’s a recording of Don appearing on the Skip Weshner show in 1971 (Pre American Pie) which features Vincent. Perhaps Don used these lyrics on that performance, but I’ve yet to find it!

  9. My father introduced me to Don McLean’s music with American Pie. As a teenager, I just had to have the CD for my car. The one I bought had Vincent on it and I fell in love with the song. Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist and Starry Night is my favorite of his paintings. I can’t even describe in words how important Don McLean’s music has been in my life. The night my father passed away, we sang American Pie as he was taken to early from us. My daughter listens to American Pie all the time for comfort and to remember her papa. Now she is being introduced to more songs and as a little artist, Vincent is now on her favorite list as well. Sir, your music reaches through the generations.

  10. I love this song so much, it spoke to me being that I was in High School when it came out and it was also my high school graduating class them song. Thanks for this wonderful and heart felt song

  11. Dearest Don, I first fell in love with “Vincent” at the tender age of 10. I took the extra time to learn how to play it on the guitar, even with cerebral palsy, because the song ‘spoke’ to me, both about being artistic as well as being an ‘outsider’, that even a 10 year old could understand, not being fully embraced as a disabled child, back before the days of mainstreaming.

    I was wondering, (and if anyone could help me with this), I remember back in 1989-1991, a version of “Vincent” that was done for PBS through I believe, KQED (I was living in the bay area at the time), with photos of Van Gogh’s work, that was stunning. It was just You, Don on the guitar, with an alternative picking method I have not heard before. It’s not the alternative live version that I’ve heard from the “live album”, but something very unique. I didn’t know if it was done at the studios of KQED, or if it was for a fundraising campaign for the station. If anyone could help me track it, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much, it would mean the world to me. I’ve been trying to track it down ever since. With much, much love, Mary.

  12. Hi!
    Starry Night, the best ever ballad song.
    No ballad has ever put that much of intimacy so strongly, so firmly into the hearts of listeners with just its first lines and it goes on doin’ the same up to the very last Word, and I’d say, even minutes after the song is over.

  13. A very incredible song! It’s so perfect, I can listen to it all day. I’m 15 but I prefer listening to you Mr.Donald.

    The lyrics are amazing. “Vincent” — this song is purely timeless.

  14. I saw Don McLean hundreds of yrs ago in Maryland Loved him then love him still my heart for Vincent and Don Mclean

  15. When I was in school in the 60s an 70s, we all came across a painting called “Bloody Rose”. We all understood it to have been painted by Vincent van Gogh. It was in our textbooks. I find it very strange that today there is not a trace of this painting – by van Gogh or anyone else.

    1. Just seen your thread from 2 years ago.I can remember seeing an oil painting of a red rose in the snow ,in the style of Van Gogh, very well done,and signed Vincent.I saw it with my own eyes but no trace since.This was in 1962 before the song was released.

  16. First heard this song in 1972 on the radio in my room at the nurse’s flat, Majella Ziekenhuis, Bussum Holland I was only 23 yrs old. Then it was # 1 in the billboard of UK charts. Migrated to US in 1973. This song is one of my favorites.

  17. Hello – I just want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful song!!!!! I love it sooooo much since a lot of years.

  18. i just want to thank Don for writing this song. My friend Dylan committed suicide 5 years ago today after a long struggle with mental illness. We played Vincent at his funeral as it was particularly apt. now when ever i think of Dylan i want to listen to this song. Much love. Its beautiful.

  19. Thank you, Mr. McLean. I’ve loved your work for years; it has always spoken to me. “Vincent”, in particular.

  20. Dear Mr. Maclean,
    I was born in 1961. When your American Pie album was released, my mother purchased it and played it every day for a year or more. She absolutely adored you and your music. Your wonderous voice and your beautiful music are a part of my childhood and provide me with insight into my mothers heart. Vincent was her favourite song.
    My mother passed away 2 years ago, and I still have her original vynil American Pie album.
    Though I purchased it on CD years ago, I love to play that vynil. Every crackle and pop has added a patina to your music and your music has become a time machine for me.
    God bless you for all the joy, and tears of joy that your music and your incredible talent has given, and continues to give to the world.
    I am so very happy that beautiful souls such as yourself are in this world and bring beauty to it.
    How I wonder what the music would sound like, were you to capture in music, the decades that have followed American Pie. 4 decades have passed since the original. Could there be a continuation?
    What ever you compose will be further magic to my ears.
    Thank you so much for providing us with this way of reaching you,
    and please know this…..we are listening, still. ❤

  21. Hi Don – I recently discovered your song Starry starry night while attending a funeral service and was fascinated with what the song meant not to mention the beautiful words. I have since discovered the song is about Vincent Van Gough. I am a Muslim and would have loved if someone could put the same feeling, effort and voice into a song about the life of the prophet Muhammed. May you stay healthy enough until you’re last breath to bring so many people the joy of listening to your music. RESPECT

  22. On 6/17. more than 2 month ago, I ordered 2 copies of Vincent (Starry Night). I have yet to receive them. They were paid to you by PayPal #0018153016564.
    My receipt number for this payment is 1621-7100-8246-8357.
    The charges have been paid by me on a credit card through Pay Pal to DON MCLEAN.
    Pleased advise when I can expect receipt of tese2 discs.
    Thank You
    Alex M Blair

  23. SoComme On.Sent a very interesting done portrait of story starry night made with bacon. I being such a Don McLean fan and loving the song, came up with new words for the first verse that is Fun And Repectful. I think Don would get a chuckle from it check the post on my facebook for the portrait and the words thank you Rich RIch Bechoff

  24. The melody struck me when i was a child. It was etched in my mind until now. I heard it again recently, and this time, i was fixated by the lyrics. There are so poignant and vivid. Just like how van Gogh would have painted it as a work of art, Mr McLean painted a vivid picture in my heart. It’s rare to find a song that would give you different feelings every time you listen to it. This is one of those songs. A true gem. Thank you Mr McLean.

  25. A wonderful tribute and a timeless song to touch generations to come. Subtle, and sweet. I am adding nothing new here, but excellently crafted Mr. McLean.

    I keep ‘rediscovering’ this song over and over again. And everytime there is something new for me to appreciate. Thought it might bring a smile to some to share my silly “aha” moment …

    Being born in the 70’s, I was quite familiar with the tune and hummed the melody often, though I did not really listen to the words, or know what it was about. I simply referred to it as “Starry, Starry Night”, and assumed that everyone else did.

    In my teenage years, I even gravitated to the works of the greats and still continue to be moved by van Gogh, Monet, and others. Still … ashamed to say, again I never invested the time to really listen to the words, and did not make the connection to the great artist.

    It was not until driving late one night, listening to the radio, that finally the word “Vincent” stood out to me. Then, it all just “connected” for me and I was stunned and overwhelmed at the true majesty of this work (and the undiscovered depths of my ignorance). Ah … “Starry, starry night” … I get it (duh).

    The truly great thing about this song is that it not only reflects the admiration that Don has for van Gogh in such a beautiful way, but it strikes me as a wonderful expression of gratitude, and honors the spirit of the great artist through another medium.

    For me, there are visible undercurrents of depth and complexity in the artist, song, and composer. So this pattern of ‘rediscovery’ through this song has created for me a new path of discovery in Vincent the man, his life, and his work.

    I was not listening, but I am listening now. And I am sure that others will.

    Thank-you Don (and Vincent)

    1. Dear Don,
      “Starry, Starry Night” is a masterpiece about someone that, in my opinion, is the best painter ever. Vincent put his soul in every piece of art he did. And you could translate this into your song. The only thing I can do is to congratulate you and thank you for this present. May God be with you. Janete Antonia Pellisson – Americana – SP – Brazil

    2. Iain, you echoed my thoughts exactly! I literally came across a youtube video tonight that featured bits of the Doctor Who episode about Van Gogh, and it had Don’s song “Vincent” playing in the foreground. How many times had I heard this song throughout the years (I’m in my 50s now) and never knew!

  26. this song makes me cry everytime i listen to it…I knew and had a copy of the print before I realized there was a song about it. Quite the poet. I also write poetry. I wish I could sing and share it with the world as you have…thank you.


  27. To Helen from Dublin: there are several add-ons for Mozilla Firefox Browser that allow you to download flash video files from the internet. One of the best is Video DownloadHelper. You only have to install that in your Firefox Browser and the files from Youtube or other video sites can be downloaded easily. If you don’t know how, ask a friend who can do that. Usually children over 14 who are passioned about internet games know how.

  28. hi ton, Helen here from Dublin. I work with children with spacial needs and at the moment we r learning about van gogh.I am having trouble down loading music plus pictures to show on interactive white board. trying to down load it on CD. not having much luck. i know the sheet music is on the van gogh web site. hope u have better luck then me. all the best. Helen

  29. hi out there . need help in down loading vincent with video for chrildren i work with. my name is Helen and i work with special needs chrildren and we r learning about van Gogh.Having trouble downlowing song plus van gogh pictures. good with chrildren not with computers. would b great to hear from some one who could help me. Helen

  30. This is one song which has fascinated me thoroughout my life so far , the feelings same as ever when I heard it in my childhood , youth and now this ‘almost middle age’.My reaction to everything has changed over the years , except for this song , so strong and rooted are the feelings. It carries an enternal sense of peace and I can cry without any sense of shame.It is almost spiritual , so personal but distantly impersonal at the same time. It is not a song , it is an idea so beutifully captured in human words.Painting , I suppose , is a very strong and personal expression of pure art and to capture the mental ethos of a painter against a mundanely nonchalent surrounding , and to capture the agony with starngely co-existant irrestible urge to create, in spite of that is not easy. This is a classic creation , a real value addition to my life.

  31. My favorite song always depends on the kind of mood I am having… however I believe that I am a hopeless romantic person. So each time I hear the song Vincent played on the radio, I can’t help but smile.
    How I love this song, and no matter what kind of mood I’m in, Vincent is undisputedly my all time favorite song.
    Thanks to Don, for giving the world a music such as VINCENT…. MWUAAAH!!!

  32. At newyearseve, we invite every skating-enthusiasts,young and old, for 2 hours of joy at the arena back home. We have been doing this the last 7 or 8 years now, and this last evening we where 200 people skating, and even in temperatur 14 Cel below zero… When we put out all electric lights, fires up our hand-tourchs, and play Vincent, everyone gets a tear in their eyes. It’s so nice to see peoples reactions in the situation. Kids, young and old people, comment our choise of music for the event. One of the lads said this year;

    “You made my Happy New Year start”
    “Haven’t heard Vincent since my fathers funeral 2 years ago”
    “It is so beautiful”…..

    Happy New Year Everyone….

  33. I always get goose bumps when I hear this song. I have always been moved my music and always took it very seriously…applying the meaning of the words to my life in one way or another! Some music makes me sad and can almost bring me to tears. I think “Starry Starry Night” affects me in a different way each time I hear it. Don’s music is so deep.I never get tired of it…never have. And when I want a deep moment where I really get in touch with my feelings…I just have to put on his music!

  34. I love this song so much, and it has been a big part of my life, for the past 6 years since I first heard the whole song and started playing the song on my guitar, but the song that has touched me the most is “crying”. Ever since my wife and I split up i play it every now and then to mend my heart. Thanks Don

  35. This song continues to touch my heart over and over and in a different way everytime I hear it. I think it should be the theme song for a movement to bring mental illness to the forefront of our awareness; it does not belong in the dark, a hush – hush subject to be discussed only in the confines of a Dr.’s office. We discuss cancer, paralysis, MS . .what’s the difference?? If it affects your legs, heart, liver or mind – it’s a disease that should be addressed. Let’s talk about it and feel comfortable at the same time so we can comfort the suffering, do more research find new cures and change lives for these people, and dissolve the shame STILL associated with mental disease. To think that a man with so much artistic talent and such a beautiful soul suffered shame and ridicule simply because he was “different or “weird”, you know
    “a little odd” just breaks my heart everytime I hear it. To think of what else he could have been motivated to create had he lived in a day when society might be more accepting and therefore purchase his art while he was alive to see himself successful. The haunting words in the song “I should have told you Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you”, were so true then, and sadly in some ways are still true today. Vincent – you have my admiration, respect and love.

  36. Wonderful song. Can you send me the music sheet for this song. I have been looking for it all over the places and still cannot find one.

  37. I love this song so much that I’m getting it tattooed on my right back leg and his painting on my left front of my arm just because your song was so moving … whenever I hear it, it makes me smile and so blissful
    It’s truly amazing to realize that something so simple can do so much
    thank you so much for making this I know you probably didn’t do it for anyone else but yourself but and I’m sure you know how much everyone else appreciate it but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to hear it one more time
    Thank you once more
    You truly are an amazing artist and one of my heroes for having such a gift

  38. i first heard this song my freshman year in highschool when we were talking about vincent van gogh and i was so moved. vincent van gogh was an amazing painter whos art by looking at it you could tell how he felt from the colors and brushstrokes my favorite post impressionist expressionist painter. actually doing an informative speech about him tommorow.

  39. As an artist myself I really feel this song in trying to explain some things raises even more questions why we are compelled to “create”. Are the reasons selfish in satifying a drive that can’t be suppressed or is it also philanthropic in sharing the end result with mankind? When does the highest point of creativity cross over into despair and madness? I guess only those that cross over can say. We don’t see songs written like that today. This is my all time favorite song period! I stop whatever I am doing when I hear it. I hope everyone else does too.

  40. Esta musica me ajudou a completar pesquisa sobre Van Gogh

    sugiro que disponhão na rede traduzido em varios idomas
    para que mais pessoas possam compartilhar de tão grande obra de arte.

  41. I too was in tears. I grew up with your music, but hadn’t really listened to this song before with attention.

    But I saw this recently. It depicts a virtual Starry Night.

  42. I have watched the “Vincent” slide show for the third time, and I’m in tears…I haven’t listened to this beautiful song for sometime, and only tonight found the slide show presentation…in the past, when I listened to Don’s beautiful lyrics, I cried, but seeing these wonderful paintings accompanied by Don and his solo rendition of the song, was more moving than I can say…I can now say I truly “know what you tried to say to me”.

  43. I was haunted by what you said of how your mother treats you, and how the song “Vincent” touched you deeply. I was 46 years old before I realized that my mother has Borderline Personality disorder….frequently accompanied by hysteria and/or bipolar disorder. Your mother may never be able to be “normal”…do not expect what you cannot receive. A person who is very “sick” from a likely very young age will not be able to love or to parent you properly. It is NOT your fault, though, yes, it is terribly painful. I finally had to divorce myself from all contact with my mother; painful, but I could not be emotionally healthy if I had not done this. Good luck, and be strong. You have to parent yourself.

  44. The Vincent song touches me so deeply on many levels & parts hit so close to my inner home,it brings tears to my eyes,it’s like someone knowing the painful life I lived & the daily fight for my sanity and loneliness,while I wish for my mothers Love to come but I doubt it ever will,her heart to Cold & still she never will.
    A Daughters Hell.

  45. it’s incredible how I just can’t stop my tears EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to this song… sometimes my mood should persuade me not to listen to it, but… it’s just too beautiful!
    when you meet someone you think could be interesting, just make him/her listen to this song: if it leaves no trace, well… he/she is not that “special one” you dream of!

  46. the poet has gone into the ‘the artist’ & ‘the man’—–vincent such depths can only be reached by ‘artist ‘ only ——‘the creator’ itself.salute to ‘you–DON Mc Lean’

  47. This is the most perfect song to honour the Artist Vincent ! Every time I go to Auvers-sur-Oise to visit the Grave of Vincent and Theo I play this song in my car, just listening without saying one word untill the last note of the song.
    Thank you Don Mc Lean !
    Edwin Crabbe, Antwerp (Belgium)

  48. I have always loved this song. It touches my soul.
    I have 3 prints of Van Gogh’s work and feel the sadness from such a beautiful man who makes us love his work. The song just moves with his art as if it were meant to be.
    Thank you..

  49. I first heard this song oa part of he soundtrack to a television show…and completely fell in love. L ater i head the entire song and the haunting lyrics and soaring melodies of this song are now completely embedded in my all time hall of fame of favorite songs. You done good Don… wish there was more music like that now adays to speak to the soul while looking into the soul of another…

  50. Wow, great to hear this song again after all these years…!

    A new FaceBook friend of mine reminded me of the song, so I googled Don McLean and found this great uTube video!

    People have been telling me my recent painting entitled, “Chaos – in Color” reminds them of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” quite a bit lately, thus my net wanderings!

    I welcome you to go have a look at and see if you agree. This was never in my mind as I painted – I was just swirling color around to see what would come out!

    Feel free to look me up on FaceBook and become a friend!

  51. Wow wow wow, I have to say that the litany of descriptions of the pictures… really, it’s fully as good as the pictures themselves, the way the lines come on one after another, and the way they sum up Vincent’s great expressionist paintings.

    I put together a playlist of my favorite all time songs and this was on it, and I realized that they almost all have the common theme of being great poetry in their own right. And this poem has to be among the best of the best.

    SueAnn I really sympathize for you

  52. I have to say that I heard the song last friday for the first time. And I like it verry much. I’m Dutch and grow up with van Gogh because he was born with in 5 km from where I was born.
    Great song and great perfotmance.


  53. I’ve always considered myself to be a man’s man, stiff upper lip and all that goes with it, so how come I found myself crying in the car today whilst listening to Vincent on the radio ?. This song is a truly stunning piece of work, beautiful, tender and heartbreaking.

  54. The first time I heard this song was in Reno at the bar in a Casino in the late 70’s. I was bored and waiting for some friends to finish playing. I have loved this song ever since no making sense of the words. I was in San Felipe, Baja Kareoke night at Juanito’s and asked a friend to sing it. No one knew what I was talking about. Almost 40 years later, I found the lyrics and the song played on Utube. I brought chills and lots of understanding. Still my favorite song.

  55. wow just a big up for this song.For sure nice piece of poetry.if you do understand this Vincent then you know that somehow he is not mad but too genius for ths world. Does someone have to kill themselves to be popular. A truely enriching story there

  56. Dear Mr. McLean,

    I was at the Northern Lights Festival in Sudbury tonight and realized that I needed to write a thank you note to you. I came to hear “American Pie” but realized later that I was actually there to hear “Vincent.” When my lovely boy Benjamin was a baby I used to sing him “American Pie” while I rocked him trying to get him to sleep. It was his lullaby.

    Ben took his life in 2006 at the tender age of 17 years. Tonight I sat and sobbed while you sang “Vincent” and realized forgiveness had begun.

    Blessings to you, sir… and my thanks,

  57. hmmm the song was nice i could relate about the message of the song i don’t know why but the songs seems talking to me but yet i don’t know what it’s trying to say, only thing i know is the message of the song has a deeply message not only feo me…

  58. Don, my family and I enjoyed your concert last night with the Pacific Symphony. MAGNIFICENT! My teenage sons have finally figured out that the 70’s and 80’s did produce incredible musicians, such as yourself. My boys spoke about you all the way home (they especially loved Vincent and American Pie).
    You are an inspiration to all!
    Well done.

  59. I just love Vincent and he has inspired me with my work as a artist.I live and work her in France ,visited Provence,Arles St Remy etc. Visted the St Pauls Asylum,The place where his Yellow house ues to be. It was a dream come true for me. Also been to Zundet the village wher Vincent was born. One of my paintings was on exhibiton at a special event there. Vincent had a brother also named Vincent who died just after he was born.The grave of the baby is in the grave yard in Zundet, also the church where his father was a pastor is still there . Its a beautiful place to visit if you love Dear Vincent. All the colours of the rainbow shine on you all. Penny

  60. I first listen to “Vincent” in 1972 and fell in love with the song! the lyrics, the talent, the melody…as I listen to the song today; I am filled with the same emotions i felt when i was a young girl.
    What a powerful song, Don you are one of the best song writers in the world! your songs have touched so many people and they continue to touch new generations. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!!

  61. i also play guitar and one of my favourite song is VINCENT everytime i play your song,, really i feel “im in love again”

  62. This is indeed a beautiful and haunting song written by a man who used a palette of words to paint a picture of one of the most tragic and gifted painters the world will ever know (and who ironically also was a gifted writer himself). Not to be critical (but rather believing that this will only improve your tribute to Don and Vincent) I’d like to point out that the lyrics above say “how you suffered for YOU sanity” instead of your sanity. Dawn LaPorte

  63. Don Mclean wrote a very beautiful piece of poetry here. And I love other versions of the song also from Julio Iglesias & Josh Groban. Overall great piece of art.

    Sean Hill

  64. I was born 4 years too late to have heard this song in the 70s. Today, I heard it (strangely) during an episode of The Simpsons. I went searching for it and downloaded it from Itunes. It is the most beautiful peace of poetry I have ever heard. Of course, I had a cursory view of Van Gogh from college, but this song has inspired me to look further. Bravo, Mr. McLean.

  65. Vicky – the contact page is operational but you need to contact Universal Music, not Don McLean, with your request.

  66. I am trying to contact Don Maclean to obtain the rights to reprint the words to Vincent in a book I am writing. Does anyone know how to do this? The “contact Don Maclean” button doesn’t work on my computer.

  67. My junior college professor used this song with a slide show on the last day of his art appreciation class and it had such a profound effect on me when I heard this song the other day (20 years later); I had to stop and wish I had the slide show that went with it…just a beautiful song and even beter when put to show of all his works of art.

  68. I have always thought the words to this song were one of the most beautiful pieces of poetry I had ever read. These lyrics stand alone, but put them to the music and they soar to the heavens and beyond. I think Vincent himself would have loved these lyrics.

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