Great feedback from Canada

A great weekend (7-8 July) as Don’s North American fans were treated to two Canadian shows and an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning. Here are some of the appreciative comments received:

I just want to send you my appeciation of your evening spent with Vancouver Islanders at the Courtenay Music Festival. It’s been about 30 years since I have felt conpelled to move to the standing/dancing area at any performance and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the joy on the faces of those around me singing Amercian Pie with you (and me). It didn’t matter what age they were from the 14 year old with piercings to the 70+ man in a tie-dyed tank beside me … everyone knew the words and sang with huge smiles with everyone around them. Thank you for the experience of connection through song .. it was magical.
Warm regards from Bowser, Vancouver Island.
Sharon Waugh

A warm summer’s evening, the Vancouver Island Music Festival, the crowd on its feet singing with you. A memorable moment and one I feel truly thankful to have shared. Peace and blessings your way, Don.
Joanne Crawford

I saw your interview on Sunday Morning and it brought back so many memories and how much I enjoy your music. I am going today and purchase your new album. If you are in the Chattanooga, Atlanta, or Nashville area I WILL come see you and here your beautful words. Sincerely Donna Gobert

Saw you on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday. Thanks for all your gifts of music.
Cynthia Blake

Thank you for a wonderful evening at Vancouver Island Musicfest tonight. I know that many of us consider American Pie an anthemn of ours – perhaps we are showing our age
K Anderson

A GREAT performance tonight at the Vancouver Island Musicfest, Don… YOU are en entertainer…not alot of talk, just one song after another…an absolute DELIGHT. A performer who absolutely LOVES to perform. It was an honour to hear you tonight!

Just watched the segment about you on the Morning Show. It was wonderful to learn about your life. You are an inspiration – not only as an artist – but your values as an individual. I hope that you will be touring Los Angeles some time soon. Thank you!

Blessed by being able to sit right under the speaker by you and Mr. Migliore, I was in the fortunate position to witness the number of wide-eyed teens moved by your lyrical comments on the authority inflicted by some adults in this world, and at the same time finally getting to see the real man singing the couple of the biggest hits from the 1970s that their parents must have started instilling into their unconscious the moment they were brought from the hospital to the cradle.

I woke up this morning, turned on the tv, and there you were in the Sunday Morning News! What a great way to start my day I live in México City and would love to go to see you in a concert. When are you coming? When can we have the honor of seeing you here in Mexico?
Marily Alba

Details of the CBS Sunday Morning appearance at:


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