Don’s band for his 2007 UK tour

As always, Don McLean will be accompanied by his fantastic band on this tour:

Tony Migliore – piano and keyboard
Jerry Kroon – drums
Ralph Childs – bass guitar
Pat Severs – guitar & dobro

(From left to right: Tony Migliore, Jerry Kroon, Don, Pat Severs and Ralph Childs)
(From left to right: Tony Migliore, Jerry Kroon, Don, Pat Severs and Ralph Childs)

Pat Severs recalls: “I got the call — Don McLean was planning to tour with a full band for the first time in years, and would I be interested in playing guitar with the band on a few of the dates? “THE Don McLean,” I asked? “‘American Pie,’ ‘Vincent, ‘‘Castles in the Air’ and all the other great songs Don McLean?” Well, I’ve gotta do this one. Besides, I thought, it’s only a few dates. Well, here I am, going into my seventh year, traveling around the world, playing guitar with Don McLean.”

Photo and quote from The Don McLean Story: Killing Us Softly With His Songs by Alan Howard. Copyright 2007 Starry Night Music Inc.


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  1. Welcome Jerry ,Pat ,Ralph and Tony to the UK and Ireland looking forward to seeing you all again.I know that you said you read the website when you are on tour .You are such a great bunch of guys and brilliant musicians too.
    Very excited to be bringing my teenage son to one of the concerts this time so he can see just how fantastic you are.Have fun and enjoy our the tour.

  2. I had the pleasure of sitting front row last night at Don’s show in Newcastle. Wow… amazing and by far the most thrilling performance of any musician I have ever been to see. Don was just electric and every song was sung with passion and spirit and was just truly mind blowing. I was also completely captivated by Pat Severs – his steel guitar playing was just out of this world. I am only 28 years old but I ever see another performance of that quality again in my lifetime I will be lucky.

  3. Re: Manchester BH 9th October 2007 – been a fan for many years – seen Don prev at Manchester Free Trade Hall and Sheffield. This time superb as usual EXCEPT if only he would ‘DITCH THE DRUMMER’!! Sorry but Don doesn’t need him and unfortunately spoilt the songs with drums. Don – voice and person still as brilliant (even though all of us are ageing!!) If only I could get to Sheffield! Come back soon Don please. Favourite song of all time – Winterwood!

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