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Don McLean touched down in the UK this morning and I was pleased to meet up with him at his London hotel for a chat about the tour and his emerging plans for the next few months, which already include a new songbook and the upcoming shows in the Far East and Australia. Talking of which, we took a journey to “Australia House” on the Strand to deal with some paperwork ahead of that tour. Unfortunately, no one had realised that today is a public holiday in Australia and even in London that means a day off. I wouldn’t say Don was overly pleased about this development…

Anyhow Don is in great shape and voice and looking forward to his month long journey around Britain and Ireland. You will be able to catch him on the BBC 1 television breakfast show tomorrow morning at around 8.45am and the TV advert for “Legendary Don McLean” should be appearing on our screens this week.

I hope everyone who reads the website and who can attend one or more of the concerts has a fantastic time. Personal circumstances will limit the number of shows I get to see this time around so, like other fans, I hope to read all about them here – all reviews, however short or long, are welcome and will be read by Don and the band as the tour progresses.

All the best

Alan Howard


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  1. So glad to see Don back in the U.K. can’t wait to see him in concert in Liverpool . Enjoyed his interview on the BBC ,he looks relax and mellow as always. A legendary song writer and singer who’s music sill appeals to all ages

  2. Looking forward to RAH as last concert in London cancelled. Saw Don on TV this morning, please Don get a haircut. Most of your audience is either grey, bald or thinning nicely.

  3. There’s not much that comes between an Australian and a public holiday! Looking forward to the tour in March and to hearing about venues and dates.
    Best wishes to all UK fans, hope you have a fantastic time over the next few weeks.

  4. How exciting for us to know that Don is finally on UK soil.You lucky thing Alan being able to get to meet up with Don. Hope some of us will be able to meet with you on the tour.Looks like quite a few of us are going to be able to go to several concerts , if I won the lottery this week I’d be at them all.I can hardly contain my excitement as its less than 7 days to Birmingham, my first concert of 5, in fact everything else is paling in to insignifcance over the next month whilst Don is here.I do hope he has someone with him to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

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