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The reviews and comments have been great so far and are being read by many thousands each day – so thanks for going to the effort of sharing your thoughts with us. They are giving a real sense of the atmosphere and excitement shared by most in seeing Don McLean live. Clearly there are issues emerging relating to sound which I’m sure will be looked at by those concerned. It reminded me of an article from The Times from almost 34 years ago (October 16th 1973) in which the main concern seemed to be with bright television lights spoiling the show. Of course most here look back on that show and others of that era as the absolute best. So hopefully memories of the shows in Cardiff, Birmingham, and Manchester will reflect the magic of seeing and hearing Don and not be spoiled too much by any technical or acoustic issues that may have occurred. I made the Birmingham show and the place was on fire as the audience rose to sing and dance along to ‘American Pie’.

Here is that Times articles from 1973:


Don McLean – Albert Hall by Michael Wale Oct 16, 1973, pge 15. Copyright – The Times.


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  1. I too went to the Sheffield concert and have to agree with Patricia. I too am a life long fan and must admit was quite taken a-back when Don refused to come back on stage. He didn’t even announce a last song and just walked off. I think his band wern’t even sure what was happening. We clapped shouted for even a single encore which unfortunately wasn’t forthcoming. I had to conclude that Don wasn’t feeling very well.

  2. After reading the reviews of Don’s other concerts I feel absolutely cheated after attending the Sheffield show last evening. I am a lifelong fan of Don’s and have every album he has ever released (shipping them from America if I couldn’t get them in the UK), I have seen him every time he comes to the UK, sometimes travelling many miles as his music, voice and presence are spine-tingling to me. However, I had (as ever) been looking forward to this show for months now and when I read in the newsletter that he would be performing on his new banjo I couldn’t wait.

    The show and Don’s voice, was, to me, as good as ever. Although I am such a fan that even on a bad day he would sound wonderful to me.

    But . . . I was very disappointed that Don left the stage and never returned for an encore and DID NOT play the banjo which was sitting beside him all night. I wish now that we had travelled to the Liverpool show the evening before (which we might have had it not been for a wedding we had to attend!) as it seems they were treated to a wonderful encore session at the end.

    What happened Don? Were you not well? We were all standing applauding fully expecting you to return to the stage as I had told everyone that you would not leave without treating us to your fantastic banjo playing.

    In all my years of attending your concerts you have never failed to come back on stage and treat us to an encore.
    Don is, and will always be, the best singer and songwriter (poet writer in my opinion) of the last few decades – my husband has had to endure over 30 years of my playing all Don’s music, but I feel so let down by yesterday’s concert. I am sure something must have happened in Sheffield for it to be such a disappointment after reading the reviews of the Liverpool show.

    I am still his No.1 fan but am so angry that I did not travel to Liverpool.

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