Newcastle, UK Newcastle City Hall – October 11th

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  1. Don McLean’s performance at Newcastle City Hall was truly one of the most inspirational musical performances I have ever seen and I have seen many. Not only did I enjoy his chart topping songs, but all the others he sang of which some I never heard of before. He’s a fantastic singer and a fantastic musician! And if I get the chance, I would love to see him perform again. Long live Don McLean!!!

  2. I am so happy for all the UK fans – You are experiencing Don McLean at his new peak – a happy fullfilled human enjoying life and his art. God Bless Don – thankyou for everything !

    Bob Gregg

  3. Looks like I am not the lucky one to be able to see Don Mclean in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Would have love to given the fact that I was a Uni student at University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in the 80s and “Crying” was a hit then!!

  4. My wife and I saw him at Newcastle too. I last saw Don at the Theater Royal in Norwich 11 or 12 years ago and that was good, but the atmosphere was much more electric this time in Newcastle.

    Don was obviously really enjoying himself and was really funny. The show got better and better as it went along and the banjo playing was my personal highlight… I could listen to that all night.

    The sound engineers seemed to have been trying a bit too hard and there was an odd rattle from the right-hand speakers during a couple of the songs.

    It is interesting to hear the difference in Don’s live performances between his Solo album (which is absolutely fantastic), the Greates Hits Live (once called Dominion, I think) and now. Don’s voice seems to have grown much more powerful with age, and the songs sound different, but that did not detract from the quality of the performance. I wish I could sing Crying like that.

  5. I had the pleasure of sitting front row last night at Don’s show in Newcastle. Wow… amazing and by far the most thrilling performance of any musician I have ever been to see. Don was just electric and every song was sung with passion and spirit and was just truly mind blowing. I was also completely captivated by Pat Severs – his steel guitar playing was just out of this world. I am only 28 years old but I ever see another performance of that quality again in my lifetime I will be lucky.

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