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  1. Liverpool

    When you think Dons tour can get no better you get to see him in Liverpool. Now I don’t know about the elves in Ireland but the gods were smiling on Liverpool and have done every time I have seen Don there in concert.
    The atmosphere was just fantastic and Don must have felt it the moment he walked out on stage , he knew, it we knew it and it was one of the most memorable concerts I have ever been too.

    From the day before the concert I welcomed to my home fans from as far a field as California and Malaysia to be able to share our love of Dons music together. We have all met through this web site which is just amazing .We were lucky enough too to catch Don before his sound check where again he was patient with all of us wanting “our” piece of him.

    During the concert he talked about “his boys” [the band ] well those guys are outstanding musicians in their own right and compliment Don so well. Having spoken to “his boys” we know that these guys only know the opening song and after that Don keeps them on their toes, how fantastic is that with no music to be seen anywhere.

    Well so many have posted on Liverpool that I would be repeating all the above and I live on Cloud 9 for weeks after seeing Don and like another fan talk incessantly to anyone who will lsiten ,so I will just say Liverpool was out of this world and I am honoured that I was part of the crowd that night that made Don feel so welcome.
    Having completed a marathon concert Don then still came out afterwards and patiently let us have just a bit more of him for ourselves, how does he do it.
    Loved joining in with the singing and particulary enjoyed the new song “The Three of Us” very beautiful . Thanks Don from the bottom of my heart for wonderful concert and for accepting my red rose.

  2. I’m writing this from a cybercafe in Weybridge, Surrey, on limited time.

    I agree with the responses of most reviewers here about the Liverpool concert being a wonderful one. Just want to add a few comments and bits of information to those of the others. The songs immediately after American Pie were I Gotta Know, Can’t Blame the Train, Try Me One More Time, You Don’t Have to be a Baby to Cry, Have You Come to Say Goodbye. Pat Severs played the dobro from Can’t Blame the Train if I remember correctly. It is always good when Pat plays the dobro against Don’s guitar!

    Don played his banjo (cheers!) for the three last numbers: Billy the Kid, Tell Old Bill (an old folk tune) and an instrmental, accompanied by Pat on the dobro. Wonderful sounds and singing.

    It was good also to have heard earlier in the concert, Don’s Shakespearean swing song, Lovers Love the Spring, and his explanation of a line from Homeless Brother: “The Whitman wanderer walking toward a glowing inner light”, whose precise meaning has been much debated by fans in a forum. However, my friends and I missed some of the words of the explanation, alas! I hope Don would sing that song again at Brighton or the RAH and fill in the blanks for us !! It goes something like: “The artist, finding no …… creates one.” We also appreciate the background he gave to the song The Three of Us.

    Finally, we really appreciate the rousing version of This Little Light of Mine, with each member of the band having his own special part!

  3. Don McLean at the Liverpool Philharmonic. What a wonderful combination. One of the best concerts that I have ever enjoyed. Two hours and twenty minutes of joy. Roy Orbison’s ‘Crying’ almost had me in tears (actually it did have me in tears!) and Don’s extended version of the already extended ‘American Pie’ was just mindblowing. I gather that some members of the audience assumed that that was the finale and went home. There was a further 40 minutes still to go culminating in the spine-tingling banjo session!

    For me this was one of the best gigs that I have attended in over 50 years of being an eternal teenager!!

  4. What can be added to on top of these truthful reviews, only that it was a performance second to none, no backing singers, no fancy background, just the pure brilliance of a true song smith accompanied by four excellent musicians, a night of my life that i will never ever forget. I even got to shake the great mans hand as he autographed my copy of his cd, and i don’t mind admitting i was in awe of him, don’t leave it too long returning to Liverpool Don, thanks for the great performance.

  5. Wow.
    Don McLean had been just a name from the past for me until Saturday night in Liverpool.

    I’d booked tickets out of coolish curiosity… a once only chance to see the man behind that one iconic song. I had lowish expectations of the night, taken lower by the comments on the poor sound quality from earlier concerts.

    But hey ….. This was an awesome performance.
    “Do you believe in rock ’n roll,
    Can music save your mortal soul”

    I dooooooooo now believe! Hallelujah!! !!

    As a wordsmith his songs are so literate, but what a wonderful entertainer he is as well.
    He spent two and a half hours connecting with the Philharmonic audience, showing up younger one hit wonders with their meagre repertoires.
    I felt in the presence of history when he chatted about being in Johnny Cash’s house and meeting Roy Orbison, followed on by a cracking version of Crying.
    And what a delivery of American Pie …sung as an anthem, with the audience singing along.
    …..he knew we’d mouth the words so he gave us the chance to sing them with him.
    What a showman.

    And his band was so talented. The piano & keyboard guy was great, Pete Severs on guitar and finally dobra starred throughout.
    The night ended with singing and playing of old style country with banjo, bass and dobra. An unexpected but delightful turn for me.

    I could feel Don McLean enjoying the buzz from the Liverpool audience. He seemed to be enjoying us as much as we him. And he was certainly appreciated. The applause for some of the major songs (Jerusalem, And I love you so) was at the level of an encore for other artists. I’m sure he would have played even longer if possible.

    His voice didn’t have the range I remember from the vinyl (that ages me) but the emotion it conveyed was all there and the delivery was magnificent.

    He said he may not return to the UK.
    I’m just glad I made the effort to turn up in Liverpool on Saturday night.

  6. Peter – ‘The Three of Us’ will be on Don’s new album “Addicted to Black” out sometime in the next few months.

    Great reviews by the way – sounds like it was a brilliant show

  7. Don Mclean is contagious. After listening to nearly two and a half hours of his lyrics, old and new, and the 22 various mentions of “dead”, “death” and “gravestones”, I was feeling depressed. However, the atmosphere inside the accoustically perfect Philharmonic Hall became electrified as the audience jumped to its feet to sing along to ‘American Pie’. Other interactive efforts were attempted, notably This Little Light, to a lesser response.
    We seem to like his earlier works it would seem. After all, “nostalgia is a thing of the past”.
    I am not against his new stuff, Billy the Kid ( Don on banjo ) with Pete Severs on guitar, was every bit as good as the classic “Duelling Banjoes” of yesteryear. He’s as impressive on instruments as he is in voice.
    Various levels of applause rewarded nearly 2.5 hours of Don’s continous performance….. I am in awe of him, have always loved “Cryin’ “….. so did this Liverpool audience last night. “Everyday”, “Fools Paradise”, “Castles In The Air”, “Vincent” and of course “American Pie” got him a rapturous applause. Sadly he did not sing other Buddy Holly songs that he does so well on CD, e.g. “Maybe baby”, Raining In My Heart etc.
    I was totally captivated by Pat Severs – his steel guitar playing was A1, as was the pianist/keyboardist Tony. Well done guys.
    Warm up Emily Maguire sang some repetitive strumming songs, plugging a CD, but you can’t hear her lyrics. Possibly she should take professional singing tuition, to remove that annoying intake of breaths after each line. (I did not buy a CD in the foyer)

    Thanks Don for giving your Merseyside fans another great evening to remember, and I hope you enjoyed the evening as much as your audience did.
    Y’all come back soon, won’t ya!!!!

  8. The 2nd of 4 of Dons concerts that i have treated myself to this tour. Just pure joy.All in the theatre seem to be standing up after AP.We wanted more! I loved the return of the banjo and the songs he sang with it that i recall from concerts years ago. The band are just so perfect to complement the evening with Don,cant imagine the show without them now as much as i love just Don and the guitar. I love his voice more now, than i did, when i started to see his shows years ago. Roll on Dublin-Don,your worth every penny!

  9. Don referred to ‘The Three of Us’ as being a new song. I can’t find it on any album – not even latest release ‘The Legendary Don McLean’. Does anybody know when it will be available?

  10. What a performer, took my Dad as a surprise, who didn’t know who he was seeing until he walked on the stage……..he had long since futured as the soundtrack to our camper van holiday’s…..amazing, such a warm performer with a voice that sounds the same as when he recorded his first record. You made my Dad’s year…. you brought one of the happiest times of our life, alive again & the one’s we have lost were right there with us, in the song’s……….you Rock Don!!!!!!!

  11. “Everyday, Fools Paradise, La La La La Love You, Homeless Brother, Castles in the Air, Winterwood, And I Love you so, Bronco Bill’s Lament, If we Try, Crossroads, Empty Chairs, Little Sister, Wonderful Baby, You are my little darlin’, Cryin, Vincent, This Little Light, Billy the Kid ( on banjo), Singing the Blues, Jerusalem, American Pie and plenty of others including a beautiful song called “The Three of Us” which I do not recall having heard before. Two and a half hours without leaving the stage even to come back and do the encores. A spectacular show from start to finish ( although many in the upper circle wouldn’t know that because they left after AP- thereby missing some of the best moments of the evening) .

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