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  1. This was one of the most unpretentious concerts I have ever had the privilege to attend. Don McClean did not pretend he was still 30 but celebrated that we could still remember what we thought that would be like. Lots of encouragement for audience participation with favourite/well known songs. Only disappointment was that after the ‘interval’ we didn’t do it all again. First time sure not to be the last time. Lovin it! Ashley and Robert

  2. I saw Don in belfast on wednesday and again in Dublin on saturday. Both were very good but he sang crossroads in Dublin and not in Belfast and i think the Belfast audience missed out on a great performance of that song with tony on piano. he did a few up north that he didn’t do in Dublin _ run diana run and in a musuem

  3. What a difference a day makes. Having seen Don in Glasgow my son and I flew over to Belfast for the Waterfront Hall concert.
    This hall is built in the round and it is not a huge venue so I was curious as to how the acoustics would work out.

    The acoustics as it turned out were superb and I found I could clearly hear Emily Maguire’s lyrics. It made a big difference as her writing is very good and I enjoyed this performance from Emily. Incidentally she was on our flight from Glasgow to Belfast.

    Unlike Glasgow there was a notice in the foyer to say there would be an interval and that Don would be on stage at 8.50pm.

    The Hall was about 70% full when Don came on to a great welcome and launched into Everyday followed by Winterwood. It was noticeable that he had what he calls “ragweed” in his voice and he had to use candies and deal with the problem throughout the performance.
    Despite this he was in great form and seemed much more relaxed and happy than in Glasgow. He interacted much more with the audience and there was a warmth to this concert that was missing in Glasgow. He got good audience participation with “This Little Light Of Mine” and “Hard Travellin” although he did suggest at one point that some of the audience seemed “recently deceased”

    Don couldn’t possibly come to Belfast without doing “Mountains Of Mourne” and predictably this got a huge cheer and he sang it beautifully.

    We got “The Three Of Us” ,”In A Museum” and a strident “Run Diana Run” and Don said he would like to be on stage “until dawn”. He said he would play the banjo for us and went into a long session of country music with Pat on dobro.
    This obviously went on longer than planned and the show ended at 10.45pm with the banjo still on the stand.

    I am going to the Royal Albert Hall next week so I fervently hope and expect that he will play the banjo there. Third time lucky!

    All in all this was a great concert at a great venue and it was a joy to be here.

  4. We loved every second of this magical concert, it was our first time seeing Don perform live and it lived up to all our hopes, will never forget Don singing “Crying” Our thanks to Don and his band for a truly special evening.

  5. I attended Don’s concert last night at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. On the whole it was a very enjoyable evening although I would have preferred more from his early back catalogue. Winterwood, Vincent and of course American Pie were excellent as with others too numerous to mention especially a beautiful rendition of the Mountains of Mourne. On the downside the backing band were on occasion too loud and the drummer was more akin to ‘Animal” on the Muppets. Some of the audience as Don commented appeared to be recently deceased. Don promised to play banjo but didn’t. The highlight was when he stayed behind and signed his latest CD for the fans. Thanks Don.

  6. We attended the Concert at the Waterfront Hall on Wednesday, 17th October, 2007. It was a fantastic evening with Don’s voice as strong as ever. It was a wonderful mix of old and new songs, with classics “American Pie” and “Vincent,” being crowd pleasers. Our particular favourite was “And I love you so,” which was transfixing. We purchased Don’s new C.D. and D.V.D. before the show and were delighted that he was able to spend time to sign it afterwards! What a wonderful evening!

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