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  1. the appearance was listed on the itinerary originally provided to Don by the tour promoter but clearly there was a change of plan. We’ve managed to keep most things up-to-date but this ‘no show’ and the missed appearance on the Paul O’Grady Show (perhaps more so) are disappointing so apologies for that.

  2. this website said that don would be on the show. it was listed along with the full tour but was taken down about a month ago! someone at don’s end may have the answer?

  3. I have just been speaking to my brother in Northern Ireland who watched and videoed the entire Late Late Show – all 2 and a quarter hours of it (9.30 – 11.45).

    The only singer he saw was Irish crooner Daniel O’Donnell.

    He assures me that Don McLean did not appear in the show. 🙁

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