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  1. As veteran Don Mclean fans Don always starts with a Buddy Holly number, listen to lyrics on American Pie, “I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride” – that’s about Buddy Holly! A bit wider in the girth but his voice is as clear as ever and he didn’t disappoint with all the old classics – Vincent, Castles in the air etc. We were particularly pleased he sang some old favourites from our youth -the American Pie album – Winterwood, Empty Chairs, and especially, Crossroads. One thing with Don you certainly get your money’s worth!
    Please come back soon!

  2. Bristol-Colston Hall 24th October

    A superb Don McLean concert last night at Bristols’ Colston Hall. The venue looked close to capacity & the atmosphere was excellent with an appreciative audience. Lots of cheering & hollering to encourage Don & the Band, who reciprocated with a tour de force through Don’s extensive catalogue of great songs, and then some more I had never heard.

    But first a mention of Emily Maguire. She sang flawlessly & every word was crystal clear, no doubt thanks to the wonderful acoustics of the hall, (& the skill of the sound engineers). The audience loved it. Emily thanked Don for the “privilege” of being invited on the tour, & she certainly did justice to the role of support act.

    I’ve seen Don perform many times, & as usual he started with a Buddy Holly song (“Everyday”), & it was a relief to hear that his voice wasn’t going to be buried beneath the music. One song quickly followed another, “Love in my Heart”, “Winterwood” “Empty Chairs”, “Crossroads”, even “Tapestry”, delivered in that rich , strong voice, whilst, as so many have already noted, sucking a sweet! “Jerusalem”, “The Three of Us”, “Uncle Sam Says” “Hard Travellin’” “Sioux Indian” plus of course the expected ‘Pie, Vincent, Crying, Castles in the Air and AILYS. I’m sure there are ones I have missed but this gives a flavour. His singing was as good as I have ever heard at a Don McLean concert and the whole show was fantastic.The dobro came out for one song , though the banjo, standing to attention all night, never got picked up! Shame!

    Don warmed to the audience, & certainly to the acoustic qualities of the hall, demonstrating how his voice could be heard around the hall whilst speaking away from the mic. His comments to the audience were at times illuminating with regard to the songs or others he has played with , and often amusing, joking that now he’s in his 60’s , it might be the last time we could “get a look “ at him before he pops off or words to that effect.( It was funnier the way he said it).

    Many many thanks to Don & the band for about the best Don McLean concert that I can recall. I would have loved to hear “The Very Thought of You”, “ If You Could Read My Mind” & a few others more, but hey, I’m not complaining. A great night.
    The Royal Albert Hall will be special. Pity I won’t be there!

  3. I am just back home from Bristol, thought I would check comments from Brighton etc before making my own. I thought last night was wonderful, although I wondered why he didn’t touch the Banjo and only gave us 90 minutes or so. Now I find he gave Brighton ahall he said was awful 120 minutes and the Banjo, so perhaps we didn’t get his best, shame really.

  4. Bristol – Colston Hall

    Don McLean’s songs and recorded work are legendary and I went to Bristol’s Colston Hall full of anticipation.

    He was at his best when the arrangements were stripped right down, and particularly when he was playing some Woodie Guthrie or obscure Western or Blues songs.

    The band often overpowered the subltely of some of his songs.

    The choice of a Buddy Holly song to open the set was strange. In fact, the first half an hour was one of the worst performances I have seen by any artist…a lazy delivery, chewing gum, little engagement with the audience and generally well below par.

    Fortunately Don McLean has a few good songs to bring the gig to life and the classic tracks didn’t disappoint.

    But he’s at his engaging best with his old guitar playing the songs he really loves. Apart from the classic tracks, he could dispense of most of the rest of the set with the band and present a much better, stripped down acoustic show.

  5. Excellent concert. First time seen live for over 30 years and as good as ever. Powerful voice with a tremendous range, perfect phrasing and always in tune. Amazing efortless guitar player. Songs that have stood the test of time. Keeps his movements to a minimum. Friendly and appreciative of audience. Brilliant backing group with incredible piano player.

  6. What a wonderful concert. Don’d voice is as good and clear as ever. I was brought nearly to tears with tracks like “If We Try”, “Winterwood” and a definite few tears for “Empty Chairs” & “The Three of Us”!!
    Can’t thank Don (and his band) enough for such a lovely, emotional evening which filled my head with dreams and deep thoughts of life and loves and of course a good bit of humour too!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Love Genevieve Vickery, Bristol UK

  7. Four years on since my last Don Mclean concert and the voice is still as good as ever, the sound quality at the Colston Hall was perfect as Don mentioned on several occasions. The show opened with Everyday and then La La Love you, which were both performed with effortless quality.

    Of course the staples were there American Pie, Vincent, And I Love You So, Castles in The Air and also Crying with Don hitting all the right notes, who else would even attempt to sing this song live, superb!

    A solo performance of Empty Chairs was absolutely brilliant, I was really hoping this song would be performed and I was not disappointed, one of my favourites performed beautifully, as good as it gets!
    Winterwood was also played from AP album and Crossroads, probably the best version I have ever heard with brilliant piano playing from Tony Migliore.

    Don played quite a few songs with just the guitar or minimal backing, he then went on to talk about the environment and the release of his first record and it would appear that on the spur of the moment decided to play a song I wouldn’t have expected in a million years, Tapestry, brilliant performance and still a great song all these years later. Don also played a couple of Josh White numbers, Uncle Sam Says and Where Were You Baby and also a rousing rendition of Woody Guthrie’s Hard Travelling.

    Don was in good form whilst talking to the crowd about various subjects such as the record industry which is “In the toilet” and he also dropped a big hint about not coming back to these shores again and also commenting on his own age by saying “take a last look”. The new song the Three of Us was played with Don on guitar and Pat Seevers on Dobro, a really nice little song with this and In a Museum the signs are good for Addicted to Black. Jerusalem was played with lots of energy and a big vocal performance again first rate.

    If We Try was the only track from the “Don Mclean” album, again one of my favourite tracks and another really great performance. Another big surprise for me was hearing Sioux Indians played solo, one of the best tracks from the Western Album, brilliant.

    The show was a really good mix of material, something for the casual fan, the diehard and the plain curious. There was a lot of time spent with Don sat down with just his guitar and a healthy chunk of the show with Don and the band. The band has come in for a bit of criticism on the tour but they seemed to complement Don perfectly and were not over powering in any way! No banjo played but you can’t have everything.

    All in all a great show, it amazes me how good Don’s voice is, I’m sure he could go on for another 30 years if he really wanted to! There’s no one quite like him and if this is the last time I get to see Don then it would be a fitting way to finish, I really wish I could go to the Albert Hall but alas it is not to be. Quite simply a great performer, still producing the goods, thanks Don!

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