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  1. I wired up my personal DAB radio under my t shirt and hid the wires under my long hair(radios not allowed at work) and felt i was back at a concert.The only sign that gave away my secret was when i started bopping around to AP! Well-i could’nt help it! It was a great end to a wonderful tour.Hurry back Don,dont leave it to0 long to visit the UK again. You sound even better in person than on a record.

  2. Congratulations Alan to you and your wife on the birth of your child – the your world will change beyond belief with this wonderful event.
    Thankyou for your wonderful coverage of this tour and your ongoing delivery of a magnificent web page .

    Bob Gregg

  3. It was wonderful to hear Don again as I was unable to attend any of his concerts this tour. I have been to others over the years though. I love his words and music. I hope that this will not be Don’s last British tour. From reading others comments it sounds as if Don has had a very busy schedule and I hope he will not take any notice of negative comments but focus on the many positive ones. I could understand it though if he just wanted to stay in the beautiful Maine countryside with his family and horses. I have never met Don although I have waited for his autograph at concerts. I feel sorry that he will now be going home.

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