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  1. My family and I attended this concert and I can honestly say it was one of the most memorable nights of our lives. My brother and I grew up listening to Don Mclean; my parents fell in love with his music and have never tired of him…neither have I.

    I would love to think that Don might read this, purely so that he would know what a profound impact he has had on us all; his music is simply poetry, it is moving and timeless.

    Thank you for a magnificent evening. Please return to England again soon.

  2. I saw Don perform several times in the 70′ and 80′ in London and in Amsterdam. And after reading The Don McLean Story on Grand Canaria in april I told my wife ‘I want to see this guy one more time’. It does not look like he is going to visit Amsterdam so go go out and meet him in London. It was a great concert in a impressing theatre. Amazing that Don still sounds as he always did and plays the guitar as hard an pure as he always does. We had a great time.
    Thanks Don, and hopefully well meet again in Amsterdam!

  3. The music of Don McLean has been a significant part of my life for the last thurty-five years. I have seen him at a range of London venues but always felt that the Albert Hall was the best place for Don! Don’s recent show in London was a wonderful evening and brought back a flood of great memories! Don still sounds great and I thought that his band beautifully complemented his guitar and voice.
    Thank you Don!! Please keep coming back!!

  4. I loved it all at the Royal Albert Hall , having never been in that beautiful building before I could understand why Don loves it there so much.
    I think it was a series of events that led this to being such a happy concert. My daughter saw Don for the first time, so I had a great time with her staying over night in London .I met with 7 other fabulous fans, you know who you are and that made it extra special to going to see Don together .Afterwards I queued to give Don his last red rose of the tour and he said “Oh I wished I had this at the front”, he was a dream to talk to. How does he do that after a concert he must be exhausted but he still does it for us. Even when you thought it couldn’t get any better I got to talk to Ralph Childs and Jerry Kroon and another fan who recognised my name from this great web site so I got to meet her and her husband too. In fact without this web site I would never have met any fans from around the world so thanks to Alan Howard.

    Anyway I travelled back up north on a complete high but emotionally exhausted having seen Don five times this tour and its all been heaven because I’ve seen Don live where he is just at his best. You never know what you are going to get and he always surprises you. I loved the banjo
    And I hope Don gets to know that all his fans have enjoyed very much him playing banjo on this tour , just wish we’d heard more.

    The audience loved Don and he knew that the minute he walked out on stage and from that very warm welcome on we had a wonderful concert. Never long enough for me but of course I am always left wanting more which is a great way to leave a concert. I heard Emily McGuire say the next day on the radio that Don said it was one of his best concerts ever. Only wished I had been at the RAH in 1973. Don told us he was having difficulty getting lubricated! His voice that is! I think if you’ve seen Don many times you’d know that but it still didn’t restrict him singing some real gems like Crossroads , Crying and the new song one “The Three of Us” which is quite beautiful and very poignant .He also uses his voice as another instrument so even when he isn’t actually singing we get beautiful harmony and when he goes for the low notes it sends tingles shivers down my spine.
    So two things are left to be said , one is that Jerry, Pat, Ralph and Tony all deserve a very special mention of their own as they are all brilliant talented musicians in their own right so THANK YOU to the four of you and finally….
    Here one week post RAH I am slowly getting back to “normal” from Cloud 9 where Don always takes me after a concert. And if I never get to see him again I have some beautiful memories and some great friends too

  5. A magical evening, my girlfriend travelled from southern Russia to be with me tonight, first time she had seen Don, and what an unbelievable performance. I first saw Don in 1972 and am as excited about his songs and performances as much today as 35 years ago. We know you can`t go on forever but do hope to see you back in England again…please. I was also at Liverpool, a cameo performance. Thank you for the music Don.

  6. Dear Don,
    You have given me the best birthday present I could wish for. I was at the RAH with my daughter (13) and we were both very impressed. And how happy you made me bij singing crossroads.Thank you for your kind words and .. afterwords . It was wonderful to see you again . Please come to Holland soon, love Barbara


  8. Im the proud man who got the first tickets for this show, sat right up front, central seat was like having a private show. What a venue!! I was the man who stood up and shook his hand as he left the set. Don you made me a proud man. 35 years ago you kindly gave me your guitar plex when I was in the front row at Croydon Fairfield Halls. Knowing you and your music makes the world shine. So please come back soon, you still have it to be a star again!!

  9. Thanks Martin for the setlist.
    I was trying to write one down, almost got it right- It’s hard in the dark! Great reading all the RAH posts.

    It was a quite wonderful night. I had never seen Don before live and having read the comments from the other venues I wondered if I would be disappointed?

    Thankfully the sound was excellent. You could hear every word sung and the band had a great laid back feel.
    Nearly two hours of non-stop story telling songs, timeless classics and great new songwriting craft demonstrated on ‘The Three of Us’.

    As a country music fan I was particularly taken with the dobro/banjo songs – Castles In The Air, Instrumental, This Mornin’ This Evening, So Soon.

    Don’s solo on ‘Crossroads’ with the piano accompaniment was truly special one of many highlights!

    Emily Maguire who supported Don was live in the studio yesterday being interviewed by Aled Jones on Radio 2’s Good Morning Sunday Show.
    During the interview Emily said she spoke to Don afterwards and he said – It was about the best gig of his career! Lucky Us 🙂

    You can listen back to the whole interview until Sun. November 4th

    Don’s ‘Everyday’ was played followed by interview and Emily’s music! Player time 01:05:50- 01:24:35
    Listen Back – http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/networks/radio2/aod.shtml?radio2/goodmorningsunday

    Emily said, “It was about the best night of my life actually so far”
    It was wonderful that Don thanked her during his set. Emily’s airy and exquisite voice sounded stunning. The audience really warmed to her music and she received a great ovation. Great to see so many people were buying her latest CD ‘Keep Walking’ CD’ at the interval.

    An unforgettable evening all round.
    Thanks Don & Emily

    Emily’s Set
    1. Stranger Place 2. Someday 3. Keep Walking 4. Thinking Only Of you ? 5. All That You Wanted 6. Falling On My Feet 7. Love Song

  10. Please, did anyone find any reviews/pictures in the papers? I didn’t get to look through all the Sunday papers, but didn’t find anything where I looked. Let us know.
    Don said he would always remember that night at the R.A.H-so will we! Have to try and remember every bit- we wish we had it on video!
    Come back soon Don!Thank you

  11. What a fab concert in a beautiful venue. It was the first time I had been to the RAH, it’s a wonderful place. Very special. And Don gave a special performance. I think he enjoyed it as much as we did. Again thanks to Don for signing cd’s again, and it was great to see Jerry Kroon after the show. It was also great to meet Anniewales and Bill H afterwards. Thank you ann for taking time to chat to us.

    Don I know you’ve only just finnished your tour but I really look forward to you touring here again. Please don’t leave it too long. Thanks

  12. However, the one song that made the concert memorable for me was “Crossroads”. In his album made in the 70s, it was a pretty, melodic dirge. But now, live, with almost another 30 years of life’s experience in his voice, it became a sadder, more thoughtful elergy to roads not taken.

  13. As a 24 year old, I was probably one of the younger members of the crowd, and while seeing Don in real life was a wonderful experience, I can’t help wishing I was alive in ’75, when he was in his prime.

    The voice was a little harsher, the high notes were less capable, his timing (especially when starting a new verse) was often off. He did a wonderful set, unfortunately leaving out the rock hits of his earlier work, like “primetime”.

  14. Good to hear eveybody having such a great time and a brillant concert. I missed this great opportunity as a result of unforseen life circumstance. Looking forward another chance to see him perform in RAH.

  15. It was a wonderful experience watching Don and his band perform in such a beautiful and historic hall, with such a responsive audience. Martin has helpfully provided the full set list above, and I have nothing to add to that. I’d just like to give my responses to the first and last songs.

    As in Brighton, Don began with It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, much to the delight of some of us who particularly enjoy the “oopsa daisies” Don adds to his rendition of this song. This opener was certainly a change from Maybe Baby or Everyday!

    The last song, the old folk song, Tell Old Bill, was played to the accompaniment of Don’s banjo, Pat Severs’ dobro, and Ralph Childs’ guitar. Don also invited the audience to sing along with him. It was such a catchy tune, with such intriguing words, that despite the presence of two Bills in our group of avid fans sitting together, some of us found ourselves singing snatches of it afterwards. Moments of sheer musical magic were produced during the instrumental passages between the words! The whole song seemed to be much better performed than it had been in Liverpool, and I enjoyed it well enough in Liverpool.

    Here are the lyrics according to Carl Sandburg:

    Tell old Bill when he leaves home this mornin’, tell old Bill when he leaves home this evenin’,
    Tell old Bill when he leaves home to let those downtown girls alone, this mornin’, this evenin’, so soon.

    Old Sal was bakin’ bread this mornin’. Old Sal was bakin’ bread this evenin’.
    Old Sal was bakin’ bread when she got word that Bill was dead, this mornin’, this evenin’, so soon.

    Oh, no! It can’t be so this mornin’. Oh, no! It can’t be so this evenin’.
    Oh, no! It can’t be so. My Bill left home about an hour ago, this mornin’, this evenin’, so soon.

    They brought Bill home in a hurry-up wagon this mornin’. They brought Bill home in a hurry-up wagon this evenin’.
    Brought Bill home in a hurry-up wagon. Brought Bill home with his toes a-draggin’ this mornin’, this evenin’, so soon. This mornin’, this evenin’, so soon. (Repeat first verse)

    I believe this song is also known in the UK. When I sang the first few words to my friend’s 94-year-old father, he recognised it, but unfortunately, couldn’t tell me more about it.

  16. What a night!! The Albert Hall is beautiful, a great setting for a fantastic concert. Don didn’t disappoint, although I would have liked to hear Respect, but then I would have liked him to go on for hours and sing as many songs as I can remember. There is nothing like singing American Pie at a Don McLean concert with the whole audience giving it all, and when the audience is in the Albert Hall, this is the stuff of dreams.
    My only complaint isn’t really a complaint, more of a comment, is that I saw Don at De Montford Hall in Leicester which is a much smaller venue, and I enjoyed the connections that can be made in the smaller arena.
    Many of the younger stars should take note that one of the reasons his fans are so loyal to him is that Don always has time for them and stays behind after an exhausting set to sign autographs and talk to people. We appreciate it, beleive me.

  17. What a fantastic, wonderful performance by Don and his band, in stunning surroundings!As near to perfect as it could be. We looked around from our 2nd row seats before the start, to see the almost full Albert Hall and sense the buzzing atmosphere-and said to eachother-‘He’s going to be thrilled with this’. And Don was- you could see the delight on his face when he came out and started singing. He was so much happier than at Brighton on Tues- the difference in the venues and atmosphere couldn’t have been greater! He frequently said ‘a fantastic audience’ ,’what a great bunch’ etc, so we know how appreciative he was. Don was clearly enjoying the evening (as were we!). Even though it lasted just about two hours it seemed to end too soon!We were so pleased when he came back on to give us some of his brilliant banjo playing.
    We were so happy for Don because he got the venue and reception he deserved.Well done to the management who brought him back to the R.A.H, where he should always have been when in London!This was our first chance to see him there.
    The sound quality was superb, with wonderful playing by his band. Don was in fine, rich voice (although he did have a little dryness in his throat which he told us about-we didn’t notice much-it can’t have been troubling him as much as in Brighton-less chewing!). His rendition of ‘Stardust’ (before Vincent,as he used to do) was so beautiful.And we were very glad he did’Winterwood’ which he missed in Brighton. After ‘American Pie’ and ‘I gotta know’ (great Elvis song he does now) the place was ‘on fire’!Then he did ‘Crying’!
    We hope it’s not his farewell to London-at least he didn’t say so in words. We think he could keep going for a while yet- although we can imagine what the travelling must be like (is that why he’s singing ‘Hard Travelling’?!)We just hope he returns to London soon -even once more (hopefully sooner than 4 years!).
    Thank you for your brilliant performances Don.

  18. Don McLean was brilliant last night at the Albert Hall.As you would expect American Pie had the audience rocking, but my personal favourite was Vincent, it’s a perfect marriage of words and music.
    The tickets were reasonably priced and his set lasted two hours.A truly great evening.

  19. Don,

    I was lucky enough to get tickets for last night’s concert at the Albert Hall; I was also lucky enough to have seen you play in the same venue when I was a fledgling medical student in the 80s.

    The show was superb; your voice sounded as good as ever (not a hint of dryness, by the way), your band was ace, and your banjo flourish at the end was just brilliant. You packed in a huge number of songs – thank you! I hadn’t heard ‘Crossroads’ before – it’s a really beautiful song.

    The albums were sold out by the time I found the queue….so you’ll just have to come back again with more!

    best regards

    Stavia Blunt
    PS – Your support act was a very lucky lady!

  20. I went to the concert with my wife last night, having been to see Don many times when he has been over here in the UK, and having followed Don since the early seventies – he didn’t disappoint!! We met a young couple at a pub just prior to the concert and it was their first time seeing him and also their first visit to the Albert Hall so they must have really enjoyed it, especially as I remember some years ago Don saying that he puts everything into every performance as there could be people there that are hearing him live for the first time. He was pretty talkative last night, and interestingly said it’s no fun being an American these days, but things would improve as soon as the present incumbant at the White House get’s flushed down the pan – that brought a roar of approval from the audience. Don’s voice is still as good as ever, though I wished he would have played Dreidel. He received a long standing ovation at the end and completed a couple more songs afgter encore calls – a memorable eveing.

  21. RAH – the full set list

    It doesn’t matter anymore
    If we try
    Empty Chairs (guitar only)
    And I love you so
    Little darling (about his daughter)
    Superman’s Ghost
    Homeless Brother
    Bronco Bill’s Lament
    Tulsa Time
    Crossroads (piano only)
    Stardust (Hoagy Carmichael)
    This little light of mine (extended version)
    American Pie (extended version)
    I gotta know (Elvis Presley)
    Castles in the Air
    The Three of Us (song about his parents)
    Hard Travellin’ (Woody Guthrie)


    Tell Old Bill (banjo) (song collected by Carl Sandberg)
    Banjo Instrumental

    Concert ran from 9.pm – 10.55pm approx.

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