Scottish police in Pie error

Police reports that they’ve uncovered Don McLean’s original handwritten lyrics of American Pie in a house in Edinburgh have been hitting the headlines today but are wide of the mark:

The “discovery” was in fact the limited edition reproduction sold through his website a few years ago!

Don McLean was able to confirm to the Scottish Daily Record that the original lyrics are still safely in his ownership:

Singer Don McLean Rubbishes American Pie Lyrics Find In Edinburgh Flat

Police said they had found rock memorabilia in a dealer’s Edinburgh flat – including what they believed to be the first draft of the classic song.

But they had missed a vital clue – inside the picture frame was a plaque with the words “reproduction of handwritten lyrics 188/1000”.

McLean, 62, said: “The original lyrics, on pages from a notebook, are in the library of Harvard University. I gave them to the university.

“This was something my record company put out for sale for a few hundred dollars.

“This was obviously 188 out of 1000 such sets.”

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