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    Comments by Charmaine on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 02:07 IP Logged
    Hi Don,
    My husband and I saw you perform live last night (10/03/2008)at the Twin Towns Services Club in NSW. This was the first time I have attended one of your concerts after loving your music for as long as I can remember.
    Congratulations – you have a real gift to share with the world and I am so thankful you didn’t die from asthma or pneumonia, or whatever your serious illness was. It’s amazing but it’s an old chinese saying “one serious illness – long life, no serious illness – short life”. There has to be a message there!
    Once again, thanks, your sassy – disregard for the passing of time – in that you are still able to pump out those brilliant words and create new ones – gave me a night to remember and I am listening to “Till tomorrow” as I type this.
    Lennox Head NSW Australia

    Comments by Robyn Stephensen on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 21:19 IP Logged
    Just saw him in concert at twin towns rsl March 10 2008,WHAT A PERFORMER!!!!.

  2. We saw Don McLean at Twin Towns, Tweed Heads on Monday 10th March. It is the first time we have seen him in the flesh and we enjoyed it very much. His songs and his performance were very enjoyable especially when he sang, “And I love you so”, I found it to be very moving, so much so, I have requested it to be played at my funeral. He also did a excellent job of “Crying”, the best I have heard any performer sing . He did finally sing “Vincent”, I thought he wasn’t going to sing it, so I was very happy when he did, because it is my favourite. I hope to able to enjoy another night in the future with Don. In the meantime I have his CD and DVD to remind us of our night out.

  3. Angela, you’ve captured what the night was like so well, from what I heard a lot of the crowd felt the same.
    I would have said it would be impossible for Don McLean to be any better than other times i’ve seen him but no, this show was the best ever. He had the audience mesmorised – perfectly silent at times, singing, clapping and on their feet at other times. Basically they were just with him right from the start and stayed there the whole time.
    He was very relaxed and chatty last night and sang such a variety of musical styles. I was so pleased to hear some old songs I didn’t expect to hear like Isn’t It Strange, Magdelene Lane and Jerusalem but also loved some singalongy and blues numbers. I thought Someone to Watch Over Me was stunning, as were And I Love You So(which got a standing ovation) a song I thought I’d heard too many times to be so moved by but I was wrong, and then Crying, yes I reckon he does it better than Orbison too. I always get a bit nervous when I hear him begin that song because it is so demanding but for some reason I didn’t last night because his voice was sounding so strong I knew it would be alright. He made it seem easy.
    A considerable part of the show was just him and the two guitarists, Ralph and Kerry, and I noticed they often butted out and just left Don and his guitar, sounding superb. Much of Vincent was done this way and I noticed Don had his eyes closed most of the time, like he was so lost in the music he was alone. The result was magnificent.
    The band was excellent, they are all polished musicians and they work so well with Don, sounding fantastic when taking the opportunities he gave them to ‘solo’ but keeping toned down at other times. There was never any risk of him being drowned out, the sound was perfect. They are all really a team on stage and I think that is part of the energy that makes it brilliant. And it’s apparent they all thoroughly enjoy it too.
    There was a sign/meet and greet time after the show and the queue was miles long, I admire and thank him for doing that when he must have just wanted to catch his breath. I only talked briefly, obviously, and thanked him for the best musical night ever.
    Those of you going to Tamworth tonight, you are in for a wonderful night and I wish I could be there.
    Just a quick word for Sinead Burgess, the support act and local girl. I was quite impressed, for someone so young she did a great job.

  4. I”m 28 and have been a huge fan since I was 16. Last night was the second time I’ve see don perform.Last time he was here I went alone to the concert. After the concert I couldn’t stop talking about it to my mother and would constantly watch the DVD, my mother fell in love with it and said if he toured again she would like to come with me. So not only did I experience the best concert I have ever been to but I also got to share it with my mother, who left saying he is a genius. She also lend in and whispered “he sings crying better than Roy Orbison”. I just smiled back thinking I know. I’ve seen big bands, big on stage productions, large music festivals and massive rave parties and none of those experiences come close to the experience last night. Between the intimade auditorium and the crowd interaction,it was incredible. He played close to 2 hours straight through which is incredible. His passion and love for music the spirit of the night. It was the best birthday gift I could have ever hoped for. Being able to meet the man after the show just topped the night. I cried as we drove as the music and the man overwhelmed me with an amount of joy I can’t describe. I thank you and hope I will get to see you perform again. You are amazing and absoluetly you blow my mind as your music takes me away. Last night I fell in love again.

  5. What a perfect night! Don McLean is brilliant. His music and lyrics project the light in his heart. His creativity is such a gift to the world. His style lastnight at Twin Towns was so relaxed but still professional. You certainly missed a memorable, personal show if you weren’t there. He’s a living legend!

  6. Third time I’d seen Don after ’82 & ’88. First time with a four-piece band. Really enjoyed the show.

    Fool’s Paradise
    La La Love You
    Singing The Blues
    And I Love You So
    Someone To Watch Over Me
    Castles In The Air
    Food On The Table
    Isn’t It Strange
    He’s Got You
    Tulsa Time
    Homeless Brother
    Magdalene Lane
    Down In My Soul
    I’ve Got Heaven In My View
    American Pie
    I Gotta Know
    The Three Of Us
    A Worried Man

    Crying, Homeless Brother & And I Love You So knocked me out. Great to hear Magdalene Lane too.

    Met Don afterwards. It was such a thrill to be able to personally thank him for everything.

  7. We were at TwinTowns tonight and it was standing ovations and a fantastic experience for both of us. Words do not express the overwhelming enjoyment of hearing a great artist at work and living an experience one that we will remember always. Thank you.

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