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  1. from the guestbook
    Comments by Barbara on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 17:41 IP Logged
    We attended your concert in Regional NSW.
    At that concert, we developed a huge appreciation for your brilliant lyrics – this came across more clearly when being face to face. I was also fascinated by the way that you enter a note at the ‘back’ of the beat – reminded me of Willie Nelson.This technique is also not fully noticed when listening to your CDs.
    Some of our locals thought that you came across at being a little terse and not so friendly. Maybe you need to know that.
    Anyway, my husband said that to miss your show was to miss a great experience.
    Thanks for visiting,

  2. Thanks Gabrielle – your kind words are appreciated but maybe misdirected – this whole site is the wonderful work of Alan Howard – Don’s biographer who has built what I believe is the best Artist site on the internet – his hard work is very much appeciated as is the oportunity he has given to me to return as administrator of the oz tour site – the real heros of this part of the site are fans like you who attend the shows and write such wonderful reviews. THANK YOU !

  3. I just want to say a huge thank you to Bob for his work on this wonderful site – I am sorry that Peter felt that way, and in that spirit of criticism he really missed out – however, I have only just found this great website and will definitely be back – a big ‘hi’ to everyone, and thank you so much Bob – your work here is really fantastic!

  4. from The Official Pages Guestbook
    Comments by Gary Darnell on Wednesday, March 12, 2008 at 20:36 IP Logged
    Living in Tamworth,NSW I took my wife to see Don on 12th March,08 for our wedding anniversary, I am 62 years old and what a manificent show! Don inspired us so much. If this note is passed on I just want to say “Thank You” your music bought back so many memories. Good Luck for the future, Gary

  5. Peter, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the show. I wasn’t at Tamworth so I will not comment on specifics. But I’d like to say that at every concert i’ve been to Don always includes quite a few country songs – look at the list of songs at the Twin Towns concert, I don’t think Tamworth got special ‘country’ treatment.
    No the band don’t know what’s being played next, that’s because Don likes to change his routine. I’m sure it would be much easier (but so much duller) to play the same set for the whole tour. Changing it means he covers a lot more of his material, making every concert unique and giving a certain spontaneity which I think adds a lot to the experience. Obvioulsy it didn’t for you but I especially love that aspect of his performances.
    I’m glad you saw the energetic young talent in Sinaed, haven’t teenagers sung sbout broken hearts since time began?

  6. Peter I have posted your comment – I guess you can’t please everyone – The mix of music for Tamworth was typical of a Don McLean show – Don did not forget any lyrics – and he has always sang behind the note it is his style – to assume those who enjoyed his performance were somehow naive is insulting- you are entitled to your opinion – I don’t agree with it having attended over 50 Don McLean shows in my lifetime and seen every major touring act in this country. ALL reviews have been posted – and yours is the only negative – as for the venue being poorly attended – I understand extra seats were added – and the crowd was larger than original planned – the empty seats were only at the rear in the tiered section. Peter as Rick Nelson said – you can’t please everyone!

  7. Realising fully that this is Don McLean’s website, I don’t expect this opinion to be published.
    I attended the Tamworth concert and it was a poor event and in consideration of the stature of Mr McLean, it was poorly attended. Despite this, McLean and his band could at least be said to have played well beyond their alloted time, in order it seemed, to show their gratitude to those who had come out. Credit for that.
    I can only assume that others who have commented here don’t get to see much music at the high quality end of the spectrum because although the songs were class, the presentation of them was not. McLean’s timing was greatly astray and he often began lyric phrases well behind the entry points provided by the band. A loy of this appear to be him forgetting the words and mostly to his own songs. He butchered “Vincent”. His voice has passed its use-by date.
    The band, although obviously talented (guitarist and keyboard player stood out) were not tight and often didn’t appear to know what was being played next and previous entries on this site back up that assertion and point to the blame being Mr McLean’s.
    There were a lot of “country” songs in the two hour set, which I doubt will appear at other venues in Australia. Frankly, I found that an insult but others who attended, in their musical innocence, may feel it a compliment. Even Mr McLean’s appearance was disappointing.
    I expect that legends should still be able to put bang into my buck, not a pop and in recent years I’ve sat in the audience to James Taylor and Eric Clapton and been thrilled. The songs are still brilliant but it was a long, long time ago the music used to make me smile.
    The support act, Miss Burgess, was sweet and tried very hard but unfortunately she hit too many flat notes and in her own songs! Besides, as encouraged as I am that such energetic young talent keeps bobbing up in Australia, I find it difficult to have teenagers sing me their songs of broken hearts. A bit more mileage might at least give the words context.
    This was a waste of my money.

  8. Had a fantastic time at the Tamworth concert, Don is genius with a gift for expressing the soul of the song. The band are just as capable in their ability to express feeling and to follow Don’s lead as he alters the songs depending on the mood of the evening. Its great to have the audience feel they are as involved as Don . Is good, is Don!

  9. After attending Don’s show at Tamworth with my wife I was inspired by the talent of this magnificent international artist, Don’s music and his band were great, it bought back so many memories and I can only say “Thank you” for the best entertainment I have seen for a long time. Good Luck for the future Don!

  10. I attended the Tamworth show last night. It was fantastic. A wonderful night of memories & such gifted artists. Not only Don McLean, who I thing isa brilliant songwriter, but also musicians, especially the piano man.

  11. Tamworth , a large regional centre in north west NSW is known as the country music capital of Australia . Don arrived for the sound check about 5 pm – dry warm temperatures made the climate for singing difficult. Don and the band spent well over an hour on stage getting the sound “just right” . At the end of the sound check Don started to sing a song I had never heard – Cottage for Sale – the band had obviously never heard it! within a matter of minutes Tony had nailed it – and Don performed it later in the show. The support act was a pretty young teen called Sinaed Burgess – her talent matched her looks although nervous she was warmly receieved .set list ( I think and not in order)
    Don opened with Buddy Holly’s

    Fool’s Paradise
    La La Love You
    And I Love You So
    Castles In The Air
    If We Try
    Food On The Table
    Isn’t It Strange
    He’s Got You
    Tulsa Time
    Supermans Ghost
    American Pie
    Cottage for Sale
    Magdalene Lane
    I Gotta Know
    I can’t help it ……….. if i’m still in love with you
    Nobody knows you when your down and out
    and 2 others
    Don performed for over 2 hours – no Banjo no Pat Severs – replaced by the excellent Kerry Marx the performance showcased an artist at the top of his game – he was in good spirit joking that if the crowd all brought a friend they could fill the joint ! There was a crowd of 1400 plus and was probably 80% full – Don mentioned it would be almost 0% chance of returning as he had not been to Tamworth since 1977 and most of those fans were dead!Don receied 2 standing ovations . After the show Don patiently signed autographs for the couple of hundered DVD purchases – he posed for photos and was very generous with his time.
    5 Star Concert
    10 Star Celebrity

    Bob Gregg

    Cottage for Sale Lyrics
    Our little dream castle with every dream gone,

    is lonely and silent, the shades are all drawn,

    and my heart is heavy as I gaze upon

    A cottage for sale

    The lawn we were proud of is waving in hay,

    Our beautifil garden has withered away,

    Where you planted roses,the weeds seem to say,

    A cottage for sale.

    From every single window, I see your face,

    But when I reach a window, there’s empty space.

    The key’s in the mail box the same as before,

    But no one is waiting any more,

    The end of the story is told on the door.

    A cottage for sale.

  12. Wow what a show,he was in the mood to sing and thats just what he did, non stop for the whole show.Truly one of the most talented song writers and singers in the world.A wonderful support band of amazing talent,unbelievable..we had the best night.10/10

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