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  1. Truly beautiful, being only in my early twenties that music still affects me the same way it affects my dad who took me to see the show. The lyrics and music are so powerful and nearly all songs bring me to tears. No music these days can even compare to the simple ways of the music created back then. Empty Chairs is my all time favourite, I think everyone has a song that they can just relate to 🙂 So thank you to all for a wonderful night and thank you for enabling us to witness your pure brilliance and magical ways!

  2. Once again, such an entertaining evening with a true professional and master of live performing.
    He started quite loud and rockie with Maybe Baby, Fool’s Paradise, Fashion Victim and Jerusalem, one of my favourites, before going straight into a couple of the songs that, to me anyway, are essential Don McLean – Homeless Brother, Empty Chairs (FINALLY, after a lot of concerts, I got to hear that live). Beautiful song so beautifully delivered, then Crossroads and Cottage For Sale. He commented on the beauty of such ‘economy of words’ but saying so much. The last two perfect with only the piano accompaniment and very much appreciated by the audience.
    It was quite a chatty evening, songs frequently punctuated with little comments and stories, about his first show at the SOH and the many times he’s toured Australia and the education that travel had given him. There was a story about once touring 30 cities here in a car with a one and a half year old! Sounds like a nightmare to me. That was when he introduced his ‘song for his little girl who’s now in college’ – You’re My Little Darlin’. Sung slow and soft, the big tough looking bloke beside me cried his way through it, as he did with Vincent. That one just seems to get better every time!
    The last bunch of songs were Winterwood, Billy The Kid, Magdalene Lane, American Pie one and a half times with most of the packed house up singing and dancing, and Crying last. Castles In The Air was also in there somewhere but And I Love You So wasn’t.
    No encore despite huge applause, whistles and foot stomping, although I think the couple of songs after AP should be considered as such.
    A quick hello and thankyou after the show, the fireworks over the harbour as well as the warm misty rain as I was walking away finished the night off perfectly for me.
    A word for the band as well, each and every one of them contributed to the fun, spontaneity and joy of the evening. Pure talent all round!

  3. The gentleman who delivered such a stinging rebuke of Don’s Tamworth performance seems to me, at least, to have completely missed the point.There can be absolutely no doubt Don ranks at the top of the lyrical poets in modern music of the 70’s and 80’s. I attended the Sydney concert, as much as anything else, to say thank you to a man who has inspired and brought joy to the musical ear and mind of so many for so long.He may never come this way again. Yes, the performance wasn’t perfect measured against the protected environment of a recording studio but I have vivid memories of his concert in New Theatre Oxford in the early 70’s and he did not fall far short last Sunday. Stack him up against Jagger, Dylan etc and he looks very good value. To also feel the need to comment on his appearance tells me the Tamworth reviewer hasn’t even begun to understand the driving individuality and enigma of the man he is talking of. God bless you Don

  4. I drove for 8 hours to Sydney to see the show on the 23rd March, not realising there had been more dates much closer to my home in northern N.S.W. but what a bonus to see Don McLean perform at The Opera House! I’ve been a huge fan since 1972 – the American Pie days – and have seen Don’s shows many times in Manchester and Southport in England and NEVER been disappointed. Having moved out to Australia just over a year ago,I didn’t think I’d be seeing him play live again.
    The concert was superb and it was brilliant to be able to stand up and dance to American Pie. I’d have been dancing to many more songs if I’d had an aisle seat. So many of my favourites were included but macabre as it seems, I’ve chosen Crossroads to be played at my funeral, followed by a rocking American Pie -although, hopefully, not for many years yet!
    Thanks Don for all your wonderful music, for all the years of touring and for pointing out the photograph of your mother on the inside back cover of Rearview Mirror.

  5. A great show and a great artist through and through — Sydney did the night proud and what better encore than the fireworks display over Sydney Harbour as the well satisfied Don McLean fans made their way home? Granted, Don didn’t organise the fireworks but they were a fitting and spectacular end to a fabulous evening of well remembered and memorable songs.

  6. Yes I can’t agree more with the other comments, a truly wonderful concert from Don.
    All the favorites as well as some new ones, he left no doubt he is one of the great singer/songwriters of our generation.
    I have grown up with Don’s music and meeting him for a signing after the show was and added bonus I was not expecting. My dear wife listened to me ”sing ” all the way home in the car.
    Thanks Don….don’t forget to come back to Sydney.

  7. The concert was excellent! Mr. McLean was given a standing ovation several times and the audience partcipated so well with American Pie.Everyone enjoyed the night and the crowd wants even more 🙂

    I’m among the younger generation of Mr. McLean’s fans & last night when I heard him sang Vincent, he gave me goose bumps!I’ve been hearing that song all my life and last night was the first time I heard it from the real singer…LIVE! What an unforgettable experience!Actually,I was waiting for some of my favorites like If We Try & And I Love You So but it wasn’t among the songs that he sang…but it’s alright!

    Congratulations Mr. McLean & in case you may have some more concerts, I wish to catch you in Manila! You have lots of fans there and for sure I will bring my family to watch you live (not from concert cds)…Cheers! – Mel of Manila, Philippines

  8. The audience was full of stuffed shirts (literally in the case of all the old bloke baby boomers…) and old folks but Don managed to get them all going! The clarity and sweetness of his voice filled the theatre and his rendition of Vincent was particularly moving. What a talent! He definitely killed me softly. BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Absolutely wonderful night. No dissapointments at all, like some other famous performers in recent concerts. The music as a great mixture of old and new songs, performed by a great artist with an infectious natural charm and great skill that flows effortlessly. Surprisingly intimate venue in the opera theatre just buzzed with joy the whole evening. We even met the man after for a signing of his CD and had a joke together, at least I think he knew it was a joke!

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