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  1. An evening of first class entertainment once again. Overall probably louder and rockier than the previous night but, having said that, many slower songs were included.
    As usual, a couple of Buddy Holly songs got things going, Well Alright and Peggy Sue, before La La Love You and Jerusalem. Then the pace slowed for a bit with a gorgeous And I Love You So, with a special dedication to the man who got a bit bothered because it wasn’t included last night. Probably not much of a consolation!
    After much laughter from the audience as members of the band walked on ready to play and then walked off again a couple of times, Don laughingly said they didn’t have a clue what was going on and that’s what he liked – only he knew because songs just came into his head. He continued with Crossroads, Cottage For Sale, Empty Chairs (breathtaking!) and one I’ve never heard live before but if I could have picked a song, it may well have been this one, Oh My What A Shame. He introduced it by saying it was from an album that was a big flop but he had always liked it. Me too!
    Things then got lively with Have You Seen Me?, Headroom and a brilliantly done Dreidel, a song that grows on me the more I hear it. By this stage I was a bit worried that my 80 something year old Mum who had tagged along with me would be covering her ears but she whispered to me ‘isn’t he good!’ Yeah, I know.
    We all had the chance to sing along with This Little Light before he called Kerry over to sit beside him for Vincent. It never fails to be stunning and very much appreciated. A little chatter then introduced Magdalene Lane, he added something like ‘it had the sort of form that was an early attempt at what was later to become American Pie’. It sounds very different but I can see what he’s saying.
    American Pie followed with enthusiastic audience participation as usual and the night ended with Crying, just as impressive as ever.
    As people crowded to get out of the theatre I heard a lot of impressed voices, with such comments as ‘he was fantastic’ or ‘much better than I expected’. Yes, I’m sure audiences in this country will continue to appreciate your music and fill your shows for a while yet Don.

  2. Have just returned from a magical evening at Wrest Point Casino starring this great, humble and most talented man. It was a privilege to be there as part of the audience for this fantastic performance.

  3. Great concert – all the old favourites (and a few I’d never heard before) performed with passion (how many times would he have played American Pie now!)

    Although it wasn’t a full house for this concert it was a great atmosphere and everyone was up and clapping when he got the audience involved

    I wished I’d had the chance to see him perform live 30 years ago

  4. I was very fortunate, along with my husband, to sit in row three right in front of this great man Don McLean. A poet! An artist! he has coloured my world since I was very young and I have bought almost all of his music over time. Tonight’s concert was magic! He enthralled me. His outward display of love for music and lyrics was one of the most obvious displays he showed us while giving me almost two hours of blissful entertainment.

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