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  1. Don and the band might have only been onstage for an hour but it was a jam packed hour, I was surprised how much they fit in. They all spent a while onstage tuning up after the first support act Adam Harvey, before the formal introduction and the usual Buddy Holly opening lead a fairly rockie show. Fools Paradise and Everyday were followed by Jerusalem and then the only bunch of quieter numbers, Homeless Brother, And I Love You So and Crossroads, all very warmly received and just as beautifully delivered as anytime I’ve heard them.
    The Brisbane Entertainment Centre is a huge venue and so very different from the more intimate venues where I’ve most often seen Don. I wondered what sort of a difference this would make to the sound, the show or indeed to his style. The answer is very little, he does not need an intimate environment to make those songs work, he creates that environment with his voice and his songs.
    After some brief chatting, there wasn’t much time for it I suppose, he went into the country stuff – Food on the Table, and Tulsa Time/Deep In The Heart of Texas, before it was back to the more serious rockie feel of Run Diana Run, the first time I’ve heard that on this tour, Headroom/Dreidel, the latter a real highlight, and Fashion Victim.
    The crowd displayed the usual enthusiasm for American Pie with many at the front up and dancing. Sadly I didn’t make it the front and no one around me danced to anything at all, all night, although there was much clapping and whistling. The last song, Crying, as good as I’ve ever heard it, showed off vocal strength and range matched by few others and drew huge applause. “I had no idea he was so good” came from behind me somewhere, which was pretty much what my 23 year old daughter said (she hasn’t been listening to her mother obviously!). Mother and daughter sharing classy music, how good is that?
    The absence of Vincent probably disappointed a lot of people but I suppose you just can’t fit everything into an hour. Still, I think that one would have been more appreciated that a few other choices. Even so, it would be hard to be unhappy with a very entertaining show.

  2. A fine show, albeit one that felt a little “rushed.” The selection of songs was terrific (with the exception of the lamentable “Run Diana, Run”). “Homeless Brother” was a real highlight, as was “Dreidel.” And did I miss something, or was “Vincent” also not missing from the set?

    This is the 9th time I’ve seem McLean in concert, and I certainly hope he makes it back to our shores again. All in all, a top night out. (And, that Fogerty bloke put on a pretty fine show, too!)

  3. I had the pleasure of seeing Don last night in Brisbane. He was fantastic! A few songs I didn’t know but most of them I did. I really enjoyed his performance and to hear him do “American Pie” was just the icing on the cake. Don rocks!

  4. I saw Don last night at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. What a buzz when he finished with “American Pie”. I walked out feeling like I had just seen a legend.

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