End of the Road – 2008 Tour Ends……………..

The 2008 Don McLean tour has sadly come to an end . Don and the band are on a plane  back home .The tour page will remain active for posts over the next few days and then I will pass it back to Alan Howard. Thanks to everyone who attended shows and posted reviews. I know Don was thrilled with the audience response and he now has a very active promoter. I am sure we will see Don back in Australia sooner rather than later. Thanks to Chugg Entertainment – and Don’s tour road manager Russ Kidner for helping with access etc.


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  1. Bob thanks so much for running a great tour page enabling all of us Don fans world wide to share in the pleasure that Dons music gave our Australian friends.The appreciation of his peformances,his music and his band are cleary overwhelming and I do hope that they all get to know just how much they have been enjoyed.
    Thanks too to all the contributors of reviews,I know how hard it is to write down the effect that Dons music has on me so well done to all of you who posted reviews.
    Like BillH I am looking forward to seeing Don at Trowbridge in July.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed reading everything on this page – Bob, you’ve done a wonderful job and I appreciate it very much. Thanks to everyone who wrote a review, too – they were very enjoyable. Reading them makes me wish Don would play Florida again someday – it’s been quite a while (hint, hint).

  3. Thanks so much Bob for being your lovely self and for your excellent work with this tour page during what I know has been a very busy time for you.
    Best wishes, take care and lets hope we can do it all again soon.

  4. Thanks Bob and to all who contributed to the recent tour. In my enthusiam to write my review of our revered songster,I failed to mention the band, roadies, promoters and all other involved in the organisation of such a tour and the great website.
    We really do appreciate it and look forward to next time. Sooner rather than later PLEASE!

  5. Well done Bob on your excellent stewardship of the Australia tour site and also to all the fans who have contributed reviews making the page such a success. Let’s hope it won’t be long before the page reopens for the next tour. Alan.

  6. Thanks to Bob for running this page and thanks to everyone who has reviewed shows…I appreciate it and I know many others around the world do too!!

    We in the UK look forward to seeing Don in Trowbridge in July.

  7. Bob, I have really appreciated your work. I have been watching the reviews since I saw Don at Twin towns and must say at times felt A bit jealous that I couldn’t follow him around the country and with work commitments I missed the brisbane show. Since seeing him again I have purchase some early books he has written from when he was a troubador on the hudson river, just so I can see more of what this wonderful man has done. He intrigues me and inspires me. I love the new dvd footage because I was so young when it was produced so I had never seen it before. He was so cute and swarve in his early days and now he is so sophicated. Bob you are such a knowledgable man, can you tell me is there any more Dvd footage of Don available to purchase other than Starry, Starry night and the one he was selling at the concert. Thanks again and I can hardly wait to have the chance to see Don perform again. But for now I am happy to live with memories of a man that truly does rock my world and for that I am truly greatful.

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