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Don McLean on stage in Trowbridge England - July 27th 2008
Don McLean on stage in Trowbridge England – July 27th 2008

Don McLean completed two great shows in Europe on July 25th and 27th. Official attendance figures were 10,000 for his show in Turnhout, Belgium and 5,000 in Trowbridge, England. Great feedback is being posted from fans:

“Little did I know that after attending your concert at the Albert Hall in 1972, that the next time I would see you live would be 36 years later at the Trowbridge Village Pump Festival. I have to say that your performance on Sunday exceeded all my expectations and must go down as one of the all time great perfromances at this festival , which I have attended for many years. Your voice is still amazing and coupled with a great song selection and and a terrific band, it made it a memeorable evening for myslef and many other people in the audience. My wife says she has never seen me look happier!”

“Thanks so much for your marvellous concert in Turnhout on July 25.
For me and my wife, this was a milestone in our life to see and hear you alive and kicking.”

“The concert in Tourhart yesterday was so good !!!!!! Your voice didn’t loose quality since 33 yrs and your spirit was overwhelming. We could see that you enjoyed it yourself, that made the concert so special. It was a great opportunity for me to show my son why I love your music.”

“Just to say thanks for coming to Turnhout. I always loved your music, and I never dreamt you would come to our small town. Your voice is still as strong as ever, I loved the concert,great atmosphere,I feel privaliged to have heard you.”

Don McLean Trowbridge July 27th 2008 (Thanks to "Strangest Fan")
Don McLean Trowbridge July 27th 2008 (Thanks to “Strangest Fan”)


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  1. QUOTE from BBC

    “By the time that Don McLean got on stage the audience were ready to dance the night away. Don McLean’s classics, such as ‘Vincent’ and ‘Tunnels of Time’ demonstrated not only his great skill as a songwriter, but also the timeless quality of his music.

    ‘And I Love You So’ and ‘Magdalene Lane’ were superb, and by the time ‘American Pie’ wafted across the hall the entire audience were on their feet.

    An amazing artist and a night to remember.”

  2. Thanks Annie for your wonderful account – it certainly was a day and night to remember.

    The stage one marquee was full and over-flowing from beginning to end of Don’s set and reaction from crowd steadily increased in volume with each song that passed reaching such thunderous levels of applause and cheering that many long-standing fans struggled to recall a better or louder reception at any other British Don McLean concert of the last 20 years. The local media – BBC Wiltshire and the Wiltshire Times – concurred with the rave reviews being posted here and elsewhere by Don’s fans – both old and new – of which there appear to be many more after Turnhout and Trowbridge. The festival organisers were very happy with proceedings and are looking to bring Don back for an encore!

    For those wondering what they missed, here’s Don’s set list at Trowbridge (give a take a song or half):

    Well Alright
    Peggy Sue Got Married
    Love in my Heart
    In a Museum
    Fashion Victim
    Bronco Bill’s Lament
    Homeless Brother
    Lovesick Blues
    Castles in the Air
    Empty Chairs
    And I Love You So
    Wonderful Baby
    A Hundred Years From Today
    Magdalene Lane
    American Pie

  3. Don at Trowbridge.
    A very relaxed Don took to the stage at Trowbridge.
    I had watched him sitting in the wings of the stage whilst the band completed their individual sound checks.The stage crew at Trowbridge worked quickly to set up the stage and right on time Don was announced and he sauntered out from the wings dressed in a black shirt and jeans and a gorgeous buckle on his belt … well I was close up and I do notice these things! He commented that there had been no sound check and after a few blips like his guitar not being on! and his voice too quiet he was ready to go .I think from watching Don and his band work together it must be really hard to hear each other on an open air stage as the sound is probably lost upwards, no doubt someone technical will be able to tell me why, but it did lead to a few difficulties but nothing that seemed to affect Don as he has an amazing way with his eyes when things aren’t quite right.
    We had a lively medley of Buddy Holly songs,, the crowd were noisy and excited and received him well, there was a good cross section of ages too and a great feeling amongst the audience.
    The sheer quality and professionalism of Don on stage was overwhelming after the last group that had been on, it just reminded me why I still love his music, particularly the clarity of his diction.
    He sang Crying very early on, it was beautiful but I still held my breath as I always do, like a mother watching her child perform, odd really but that’s me I worry about him!,I’m sure he doesn’t. As he sang the last note and finished he smiled as if to say there you go I did it again, his voice is amazing and as well as when he hits those high notes those low ones are just gorgeous.
    We were treated to a beautiful acoustic set when he sat down and chatted to the audience about his career. He talked about Clark Gable being told he was good and he said no he was just a lucky slob from Kentucky and Don then told us he was just a lucky slob from New Rochelle, I beg to differ Don but your much more than. We had Empty Chairs, And I love You So and Magdalene Lane to name but a few, I never remember them all I just enjoy the songs as they come.
    He sang for about 1.5 hours it was pure joy culminating in his “statutory obligation and a bit more “ as Don called it [American Pie.] I was told afterwards that the whole tent was on its feet for AP and with rapturous applause he was gone. Wow that was some concert.
    And afterwards my friends and family talked about the concert on the way home. Iain told me he had been close to tears in Vincent “just perfect” he said, best I’ve ever heard him sing that. I love the way Don phrases his songs I can’t really describe what I mean but I’m sure you all know anyway.
    And when I got in to bed at 3 am, it was long journey I couldn’t sleep. Seeing Don in concert elevates me to Cloud 9 and there I stay for few days till I come back to reality. All in all a 500 mile round trip from home, two night’s away and aching knees, I do it all again to see Don. Did I really stand for over 5 hours! Yes I did!
    I was very lucky before the concert to get to meet and chat with Don on the festival site and from what he said to me he really appreciates his fans.
    And finally to all the fans I met up with and chatted to it was great to see you all. It makes such a difference being able t to share the fun and pleasure of Dons music with you .And to the unsuspecting people who I talked to endlessly too about Don and his music too I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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