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  1. >>A new guitarist, Carl “VIP” Viperman, has joined Don’s band of acclaimed Nashville musicians including Tony Migliore, Ralph Childs and Jerry Kroon.

    Does this mean that Pat Seevers is no longer a part of Don’s band..??

    Norway fan

  2. Very sorry to hear that Pat will no longer be part of the band. I would like to thank him for his great support of Don during the last few years. It has always been a pleasure to meet and chat with him during Don’s tours. I wish him all the best for the future – looking forward to watching the Viperman!

  3. Bring back Pat!!!!!
    He is so nice, obviously extremely talented and so sound. He will be missed loads by the fans. ALL THE BEST TO YOU PAT and THANK YOU!!

  4. It wont be the same without Segers.I have had many good times
    with Mr. Segers. One funny time one was Trowbridge 2008. During the show
    I was waving at him at Pat? as I always have done but for some reason he dident
    wave back – Reason wsa Pats Twin brother was playing instead of
    him and yes he thought I was crazy.

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