Don McLean to host BBC Radio 2 show

Don McLean will be hosting a radio event called “Maria Elena Holly – my life with Buddy Holly” in February (we don’t know the date yet) at 7pm on BBC radio 2 as part of their fifties series.

Information will be available soon from the BBC website.


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  1. Hi Guys
    sorry for the misunderstanding – was hosting a study weekend for my wifes student nurse friends – was really getting me down so I blasted them with Don and Buddy on Sunday morning! It’s hard to know if Maria Elena Holley was responding to a conversation with Don which was then edited with Don doing the voice over – either way it was great to hear Don , Maria Elena and Buddy – maybe we will see a whole new career for Don the broadcaster ,

    Bob Gregg

  2. Hi Bob

    Very sorry to hear that you are incapacitated and glad that the broadcast was able to cheer you up. Please get well soon!

    Best regards


  3. Hi Bob

    Hope you are feeling good today.
    I’m glad you found the show uplifting I too thought it had a feelgood factor.

    Best wishes


  4. Just to say here i sthe schedule for the Radio 2 Show as per their website.

    Maria Elena Holly – My Life With Buddy

    Saturday 7 February 2009

    Maria Elena Holly talks candidly to Don McLean about her whirlwind romance, her eight-month marriage to Buddy and her life spent championing his name fifty years after ‘the music died’.

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