Loose Ends

Don McLean has completed a good interview with a well informed presenter on BBC radio 4 “Loose Ends”. He also performed ‘Vincent’ live and to perfection.

Don confirmed that his band remain trapped in Nashville as the volcano affecting northern Europe continues to close air space and ground most flights. Unless things change soon, Don will be performing in concert solo in Amsterdam on Monday evening.

The radio 4 show will continue to be available for seven days here:



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  1. How refreshing to hear an interview with Don, where he was given time to answer questions that were well thoguht out and informed he sounded like he really enjoyed the interview and to have a live acousitc Vincent was just beauitful. Thanks Don.

  2. Dear Mr. Mclean,

    When I was 15 I got involved with this group that is sailing a Hudson River Sloop on New York’s Hudson River in an effort to clean up the river. All the way from Amsterdam. With Clearwater we often sang this song during Clearwater’s annual Pumpkin Sail and it seems so to the point at the moment: “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know where I am a gonna go when the volcano blows.”
    We still don’t know, but Don Mclean is going to Amsterdam to do a concert there when the volcano blows. My hometown, when I am not sailing on a river on a sloop called Clearwater.
    That one album I bought called “Tapestry”, when I was 15, has changed my life because sailing on board Clearwater and teaching children about the environment has been a life changing experience for me. A very good one, with many good people I got to know who have been my friends for many years now, and I even set up a Clearwater-like program in my native The Netherlands once as a result of it.
    So all I can write is this: “Thank you for that music then” and have a good concert in Amsterdam tomorrow.
    Today the sky was clear and the sun was shining here.

    Fair Winds,
    Gerty Bataille, a sailor of Clearwater from Amsterdam.

  3. i did not hear the interview, but I’m looking forward to seeing him in Amsterdam tomorrow. I’m sure it will be great without the band

  4. I agree. This was the best interview I have heard with Don in a long time, when for once his humour was allowed some reign. Lovely live acoustic version of Vincent too. I hope he comes across as well on Wogan which I am sure has a much bigger audience.

    The interviewer’s comment about the band was that Don was one of the few artists where you would be happy to hear that they had not arrived!! Bit unkind to Tony, Jerry, Ralph and Vip who are probably sitting in Nashville airport trying their dammedest to get here! Look forward to seeing you in the UK chaps.

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