Weekend Wogan

Don has sung three songs (And I Love You So, Addicted to Black and Vincent) on this morning’s Weekend Wogan radio show. You can see these performances and the interview on television from tomorrow by pressing the red button while tuned into BBC 1 on Sky TV. It is also available on freeview and on the BBC website at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00qgw59.

The Weekend Wogan Band did a good job backing Don and Addicted to Black was very well received by the audience (the show is recorded live in the BBC radio theatre in London).

Don McLean now starts his (much longer than anticipated)  journey to Holland for the first concert in Amsterdam tomorrow.


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  1. My thoughts are the same Lindsay he just gets better doesnt he. Which three concerts are you going to?
    It seems that many fans are going to several concerts too I’m going to Bham , RAH , Liverpool and Manchester I am soooooo excited .And one fan if they care to name themsleves is going to 9. Actually I wish I could to the whole tour but life reality and the bank account kick in always.Enjoy your shows Lindsay .

  2. Great to have Don back in the UK once again.I love his voice more now than when i started to go to his concerts nearly 30 yrs ago.Look forward to seeing Don,the Band and hopefully the Banjo again at the three concerts i have tickets for.

  3. Ode to Don and the band

    That legendary crooner McLean
    Unable to jump on a plane
    Decided to row
    With guitar and banjo
    Saying ‘Solo? No problem…I’m game!’

    This dust cloud has made us its pawn
    But I’ll aim for the Dutch coast by dawn
    With band or without
    Be in no doubt
    The show must always go on

    Tony, Ralph, Kerry and Vip
    Never reckoned on this sort of trip
    They’ve done all their packing
    But a flight they are lacking
    Those Icelanders should just get a grip

    Bjork’s voice sounded nothing like honey
    They went and lost all our money
    And to let their volcanoes
    Impact on our Don’s shows
    Is honestly very unfunny

    Bill Hamilton
    April 2010

  4. Excellent stuff, particularly as Martin managed to have Sir Terence read out an email just before Vincent, welcoming Don on behalf of himself, Annie, Hannah, Karman, Kirsten and me. Fame at last!! 🙂 Is there any truth in the rumour that Don is now making an attempt to swim the channel as part of his tour? Seriously, have a safe journey to Amsterdam Don. Just sorry I can’t make it for what might be a really nostalgic solo date!

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