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  1. I am still very impressed by Don’s concert in Carre last monday. I enjoyed every minute of it. What a wonderful man, not only a great singer/songwriter, but also very special as a person. I felt it as a privilege to be in Carre this evening and be present at this fantastic concert. There’s a special kind of atmosphere around him. I loved how he talked about his kids: with so much love.
    It only is a pity that in the dutch area we cannot see in internet the performances he gave at Weekend Wogan at BBC.
    And I missed the cd-stand after the concert, I would immediately have bought his new cd.
    Can you make a ‘Volcano tour”-cd, Don, please???? I wish Don an unforgettable tour, I’d wish I could travel with him for a few weeks and attend some more concerts….

  2. Het was een mooie show,een beetje teleurstellend vond ik het einde. Geen extra nummer werd er gezongen terwijl de mensen er om schreeuwden! Overigens had Don nog een hele mooie stem. Graag had ik wat later de pauze gehad voor een klein hapje.
    Zelf ben ik 65 jaar helemaal uit mijn tijd!

    Tot gauw Don

  3. Hi, check the dutch review http://www.weeklyfun.nl/forum/index.php?topic=16833.0

    edit by admin: google translation:
    Program: Marike Jager. Excellent performance of this new talentDe Holland Singer / Songwriter Don McLean opened his solo concert at Royal Theatre Carre, Amsterdam with a cover of Buddy Holly.Het was illustrative of the night and proved that McLean is not a musical box is pushing. Folk, Blues, Ballads, Bluegrass Instrumentals and passed in review. Texts ranged from sickly sweet to tough as nails. Everything was possible and that McLean was the night it spannend.Deze tour is already in “The Volcano Tour” because his band is still in Nashville. Don was just in time in European airspace before being closed. The solo tour will go to Belgium, France, England, Scotland and Ireland. Perhaps the band will still join the volcano becomes quiet, Eyjafjallajokull. I liked it okay to Don McLean solo again to see action, just as his 2 concerts at the Concertgebouw in the seventies. That was when a young McLean. The now 65-year-old singer is doing more relaxed and the whole evening sitting on a chair. The stage in Carré was transformed into a living room and fitted well with the atmosphere. Like Thurs at home in the living room was playing. His guitar playing was superb and his inimitable fingerpicking banjo playing and his voice still krachtig.Interessant were many stories told McLean. It was good old Bard back again.

  4. thank you to everyone who has commented so far – it’s been great to hear the feedback from Amsterdam and you’ve helped get Don’s tour off to a memorable start

  5. I was there and had a great time, but… the man’s voice did age, of course, contrary to what fans even bigger than myself (did not know they existed) say here. I found that especially his biggest hits, with the exception of Crying perhaps, but that has never been my favorite anyhow, did loose from his loss of vocal strength. But we are almost forty years later and it would not be normal to be otherwise. It only shows that these hits were recorded by a greatly gifted singer in his full strength. It was a brave and intimate concert, with a lot of wonderful moments. And don’t forget Marike Jager who preceded Don Mclean; she was great, and promising, too.

  6. Thanks, Don, for the wonderful evening. It was good to hear that your voice has hardly aged.
    I hope you will be back at the next volcano eruption!

  7. Oké, he was magical again without the band. But he doesn’t like that the people he works with for so long, get no credit for that. After all, I am also curious how he performs *with* his band and what they have developped together over all those years. And he is said to do some solo periodes too, even when the band is on stage. So I ‘d say we all enjoy what we saw last monday and ask him to come back real soon with his band, so that we can also have thát experience!!

  8. The plumes of volcanic ash may be causing havoc for travelers and airlines, but for those of us who spent yesterday evening in Amsterdam’s Carré Theater it was a blessing in disguise. Because his band was stuck in Nashville, what was supposed to be a full-blown concert ended up being an intimate evening in the livingroom of the legendary Don McLean. The captivating yet haunting ring of his guitar brought tears to my eyes as I listened to, what is in my opinon one of the saddest songs ever written, “Empty Chairs.”

    What our eyes saw on the stage was just a man and his guitar, but that man was not alone. The presence of many artists gone before him also filled the theatre with their music. It felt as if Buddy Holly was singing along with him as Mr. McLean sang a medly of some of Holly’s later works. As McLean performed Elvis’ “It’s Alright Mama” I could feel the King himself there. And the harrowingly beautiful performance of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” is something that I will not soon forget.

    I was mesmerized as I listened Mr. McLean’s poetic ballads, and couldn’t help but tap my foot as he belted out the fast tempo numbers. I feel blessed to have been witness to what Mr. McLean nicknamed his “Volcano Tour.” This performance is proof that a true musician needs no bells or whistles, just himself and his guitar.

  9. Six years ago I flew to Dublin to watch the man I listened to for so long, but never seen a live performance of. After a wonderful show and a pint in the lounge of the Olympia Theater, I joined a group of fans waiting at the back door. A few seconds later Mr. McLean came out and I was so lucky to speak a couple of words with him: “Thanks Don. Next time in Holland?”. “Holland? Hm,…no, they don’t love me anymore over there”.

    I am glad that Don has reconsidered a visit the “Low lands” in the mean time. I am even more thankful to the volcano that made Don had to perform solo. Just like on the album (Don McLean, Solo) that I have cherished for almost 40 years. This is how Duch people love Mr. American Pie best: alone, on stage with a guitar and a banjo. As far as I am concerned Don can do what he remarked during the show: fire the band.

    Thanks for a once in a lifetime experience.

  10. From the Dutch paper De Volkskrant

    (translated from Dutch in Google, but the meaning is clear!)….I wonder if banjo has been translated correctly……

    AMSTERDAM – Actually, Don McLean in Carré Amsterdam gig with his band of four musicians. They would fly to Europe a few days later than the 64-year-old singer / songwriter himself, in the run-up to his short European tour had been some media obligations. But then, when the volcano erupted. The band was no longer in Europe, McLean could not get out.

    Do not worry, but then an acoustic solo performance, as he always did that once and as he featured on the album is perhaps the most justice to the artist he is: Solo, the live recording from 1976.

    Red upholstered chair, two lamps, a few nice house plants, coffee table with Dutch newspapers: Don McLean at his home. “Welcome to the Volcano Tour,” he joked, “we are going to do differently tonight.”

    How the band could be extracted? You do not know, but Amsterdam will Guðnasteinn grateful for his cough, what a nice evening unforgettable. That was surprising.

    Excellent for voice
    McLean not only showed a particularly engaging and spontaneous host (the latter instance, he will embark on James Taylor), he turned in another excellent voice. The high and tough (as in his famous version of Roy Orbisons Crying, McLean only Dutch number one hit), he brought with remarkable ease, while in the lower registers heard that here just a wonderful old man’s voice develops as Johnny Cash.

    But how long will Don McLean to sing? English interviews he talked about the changing music industry and the fun is about him a bit off: hardly real studios and stuff.

    He seemed to allude that Addicted To Black (2009) is his swansong and current his last concert in Europe. Carre said he was in very different language: “I do this 42 years now,” he said halfway, “and I just start!”

    Fresh from the liver
    Nice. Then that story again from the world. It would be a pity if this man on his 65th retirement, as he played and sang his songs in Carré fresh from the liver and from the heart: the moving Empty Chairs (1971) and some songs about the transience of things , then gradually more lighthearted work, such as spicy Fashion Victim (1991) and strategically placed covers of Elvis’ That’s All Right and Dylan’s excellent singing, performed on banjo Masters Of War.

    Joke here, anecdote there, the evening flew by.

    Obviously put it all into the world two hits of his own making, which in 1971 broke McLean: finale Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night in the guise of a song, and just before American Pie. Vitamin A gnawed Labour? Yes, actually, but McLean was singing every word eagerly and sincere.

    “Maybe I release the band,” said he, himself perhaps surprised by the magic which he still is able to solo.

  11. It was like being home with Don singing and talking in your living room. And I was there, listening to all those great hits. Thank you Don!

  12. About 30 years ago I had the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful performance of Don. Due to the rain the performance of Don at the outdoor festival Mallemunt in Brussels was to be cancelled. However he didn’t want to disappoint his audience. Don entered the little stage and simply started to sing. Don, his guitar and very few listeners… Never seen a concert as intimate as that evening. Tomorrow I’ll be in Brussels and I’m looking forward to it!

  13. This was indeed a magnificent concert. Hardly ever have I been touched more than listening to the beautiful, unchanged strong voice of Don with just a guitar, so pure: tears kept running over my cheeks. I was deeply touched by this genius. He is one of the best composers from the last 40 decades.

  14. It was a great concert. We are from a younger generation, knowing Don from radio and the big hits. We enjoyed it very much. What a great singer and songwriter. Pity he didnt come back for an encore 🙂

  15. Don said it himself: “mayby I should fire the band”….. An acoustic surprise with thanks to the volcano on Iceland whom made this possible. Special feelings personally when Don sang some Buddy Holly classics yesterday evening. In short: a once in a lifetime experience!

  16. A great show in Amsterdam.
    Just by himself.
    It was worth waiting!
    And you know what? After the show I met Don and we shook hands and he remembered how he recorded the videoclip ”crying” in Duivendrecht in a little café with a open fire (great setting for that song) in 1980!
    The fans in Belgium should be pleased…

  17. The ending was odd indeed. I went to buy ‘Addicted to Black’ (15,-) and then set out to get it signed and offer Don a present I made for him. They told us that he had alreaddy left by bus and that that was also the reason why he couldn’t give an encore. I thought the same: someone could have told us. But nevertheless a great evening, he was enjoying himself on stage and so were we in the audiance. Only thing was that the audiance wasn’t very expressive (in singing along) I would have loved to sing “And I love you so” alltogether and he had invited us to do so. But there were more listeners than participators. So be it, every concert has its own atmosphere and it was great!

  18. It is now half past twelve on Tuesday morning so I will just make a brief comment for now. If the Volcano God smiles on me tomorrow I should be home tomorrow night to start my full review.
    Don McLean was simply magnificent in Amsterdam,a vintage solo performance in which he sang non-stop for close on 2 hours. It was a very special privilege to be there and when I spoke to him after the show he was really tired, no doubt that was the reason there was no encore. He turned the clock back 40 years and all the magic is all still right there, but the effort must have been enormous. I salute you Don.

  19. The opening act of Marike Jager set a wonderfull acoustic note for the evening. With or without a band the performance of Don was great! Accoustic is brilliant. So let the “Vulcano-tour” go on!
    After all the classic songs and some more it was a “Starry Starry Night”….

    Good luck to you all in Brussels on the 21th, and welcome this legendary man !!!

    Regards from Amsterdam.

  20. Brilliant! Impressive, but a bit of an odd ending, no encore, though the audience was applauding enthusiastically. Ok, he had played for almost 2 hours, but he could have said, thanks & goodbye…Still a lovely concert of a very sweet and intelligent man and a great performer.

  21. Wall Street Journal says:
    LONDON—Pop diva Whitney Houston hunkered down on a ferry crossing the Irish Sea. Folk singer Don McLean reported by Twitter that he was headed to Dover, “guitar and oar in hand,” to traverse the English Channel..

    This nobel man does what he can to make out his conserts.
    And it is going to be historical and magic events, on this tour again.
    With, or without his band.

    Looking very much forward to the reviews here tonight.
    This first day of this magic tour.
    Since this vulcano came out, and no planes are in the air,
    The evenings has never been more like a “Starry Starry Night”….

    Good luck to you all in Amsterdam tonight, and take good care of that wonderful man.
    Regards from Norway.

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