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  1. Very positive comments on Don in Brussels from the theatre’s own blog. Not so positive about Addicted to Black…

    Possibly the finest stunt? Don McLean! You wouldn’t believe it but this concert was astonishingly excellent. Planned “with band” but his musicians were stuck in the US, while Don was already hanging out on the old continent. So what would a pedigree performer do? Decide that ‘the show must go on’, and as he used to do it like that too, so why not perform all on his own. In jargon: ‘a man & his guitar’. But, oh boy, what a play of strings, what a solid voice, what witty ‘statements’ and for almost 2 hours too. We knew that Don McLean was also pretty much the inventor of the singer-songwriter genre. But here it was apparent to what extent this man on his bar stool forms the missing link between Alan Lomax, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan… An evening full of pure chanson with a high rock n roll factor. The primal form of our entertainment. With a performer who rediscovered his former self (while his latest CD, with band, is barely digestible). A wise lesson, Don and everyone else awake again, and thank you Eyafjallajökku!



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