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  1. I really like the drummer and I wish that the volcano didnt delay his flight. ;( I heard he went to the zoo with his two granddaughters. 🙂 fun

  2. Thank you Don, for these two unforgettable evenings (in Paris and Brussells). It was just great seeing you for the first time in live. I sincerely wish you will return to Paris and play again for your french fans very soon.

  3. Thank you so much, Don, for these two unforgettable evenings, in Paris and Brussells. I came back to work today but my mind was still at “La Cigale”. It was just great seeing you for the first time in live, playing guitar and banjo. I said to myself :”No, you are not dreaming !” I think if your musicians were there, it would be differently great ! I sincerely wish you will return to Paris and play again for your french fans very soon. I am sure they will be more and more numerous from now on.
    Please take good care of yourselves, my talented idol.

  4. Hi Don,

    I am an overweight middle aged woman who saw your shaman-like abilites with the confabulation type language.
    My background is working class from Green Bay Wisconsin. It meant the world to me to talk to someone I have been listening to their music since I was 7 years old. I appreciated the songs of hobos and our dark sides mixed with the light. Now I live in Paris with my husband and son. You inspire me to keep fighting. I knew the words to all the 8 stanzas of “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”, hope that song doesn’t keep you up at night.

    Greg Dewey’s friend who sent his hellos.

    Chao, Christine (email christine.voillemin@hotmail.fr)

  5. Fenna – after the tour I suggest you write a letter to Don including your address (not email) via http://www.don-mclean.com/contact.asp telling the whole story. It will go direct to Don via fax who reads everything and will sometimes shock a fan by replying personally. Luck comes into it of course. Right now it’s difficult to catch up with Don because when he’s not singing he’ll be sleeping…

  6. I read here that Don takes great interest in feedback from his fans. That gives me the courage to ask you, Admin: do you by any chance know wether he got the present I made for him? I recently found out that Empty Chairs is also a song to remind us of a painting of Vincent van Gogh. And when I recently went to the Van Gogh museum (not for the first time), I was struck by the painting of Gauguin’s chair. That’s why I made a little something from a picture of that painting and wrote the whole story on the back of it. In Amsterdam, there was no time to give it to him, because he had to leave in a hurry. I gave it to someone of the theatre, who would try to give it to someone who would be in Brussels. I really hope it reached him. I wrote my emailadress on it, but I know he won’t have time to write, so I thought I’d ask you if you know he received it after all. If there’s no time to respond, I can understand, but it would be nice to know if it got its way to him. Do you know, or can you ask?

  7. netty – fashion victim is on the Headroom album from 1991. amazon.co.uk currently has one copy left as I write this. The album has several fine songs including 1967, Have You Seen Me and Headroom and deserves better than its current rating on amazon.

  8. Having read that Don loves feedback from his fans, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the concert in Amsterdam last Monday. It was thrilling to hear and watch him, sitting there with nothing but his guitar. Great voice, great performance. (An encore next time would be appreciated.) I strongly sympathize with Anni that a cd of this concert without the band would be much welcomed. And by the way, I loved the song “I hate fashion” which was unknown to me. Is it still available on cd?

  9. Anni – thanks for your review. Don will be reading all these posts when he gets time. he loves feedback from his fans.

  10. I know you won’t read this email! But perhaps someone can pass on our thanks for a great evening at La Cygalle in Paris last night. Not sure how it would be all these years on from when I saw you a few times at the Royal Albert Hall in the 70’s but you didn’t disappoint, that magic is still there in abundance. I will never forget after one concert in London you came out got up on top of your car and started playing again, wonderful. I was only sorry there were not more people there last night to enjoy your very personal gig. What a great venue for an artist like you it was like being cosied in my own home with you paying a visit. If only I had known earlier I would have brought more fans along with me. I am sure your band is very good but we were so pleased they were not there and we just had you all to ourselves playing just to and for us. We played the new cd in the car on the way home (obtained with a bit of difficulty in Paris that day) and it was so different to what we had just experienced but very good, can you do a cd of the concert with you on your own?

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