Another fine review for Addicted to Black

Today’s “Mail on Sunday” (a national newspaper in the UK) adds to the list of excellent reviews for Don McLean’s new album.

“…Addicted to Black is a frothy, frequently tongue-in-cheek set of songs in a breezy style that draws on bluegrass and early rock ‘n’ roll. There’s no American Pie and no Vincent, but it’s lively and moving. It’s also a lot more than the average 64-year-old artist produces to go on tour with…”


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  1. Why the surprise that Don has produced another quality album? The media in general ( and the music journals) in particular have chosen to ignore America’s greatest artist for the best part of three decades. Just because he has followed his own path and not one mapped out by faceless record company exec’s does not mean that his output has suffered. He has released some fantastic material that is as good good as anything he has produced in a long and varied career. ( check out the “Marty Robbins ” album ) Don Mclean was. is, and always will be the finest singer-songwriter of the past 50 years and the sooner the fashionistas recognise the fact then the world will be a better place. God bless the Donmeister!!!.

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