Don McLean on BBC 1, May 2nd

Don McLean is scheduled to sing on the Andrew Marr show next Sunday, May 2nd, on BBC 1. This is primarily a politics show and Andrew’s supporting star guest will be David Cameron, who four days later may become Britain’s new Prime Minister.

Also, all fans can listen to another Don McLean interview this week from the Gerry Kelly show broadcast in Northern Ireland yesterday:


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  1. Dear Don,

    Having heard the interview for the Northern Ireland radio station, you really put me to think. You can write a good song, You can say wise words. So I hope you can use this information well. Knowing Pete Seeger too, I know that he is surrounded by many people. Pete having worked for the benefit of social justice, civil rights, a better environment and peace as a musician during his life, I also know that he always tries to inspire these people. No matter what their background, race, age or talent is. And if he asks someone for a favor, I have discovered that this is never for himself, but always for social justice, civil rights, a better environment, the people and peace.
    He told me to set up a Clearwater-like program in my native The Netherlands, which I did; he sent me a song he had written about Dr. King after September 11th 2001, expressing the wish that people in The Netherlands would sing it; and some years later he wrote me “The people from all parts of the world should work together for peace on this trouble planet”. I am not a musician, but a person who started to sail on Clearwater and could only see the love that was the reason for it all.

    In peace and harmony,

  2. Mention of the Marr appearance in today’s Daily Mail….

    Now touring Europe, and due to serenade Andrew ‘Big Ears’ Marr on Sunday, 1970s pop troubadour Don McLean, 64, American Pie, Vincent, etc – says fame impinged on his freedom until he cut himself free.

    ‘You’re a prisoner – most people in that prison are willing candidates but I was not. Showbiz infantilises artists – makes them spoiled, pampered, needy. Now I can look myself in the mirror and say, “I’m a man and not a showbusiness infant”.’ So true

  3. I wonder if I dare make a request for ‘Fashion Victim’…..

    The candidatye is handsome
    He’s wearing tailored clothes
    He’s following the pollster
    Everywhere he goes
    His teeth have all been straightened
    His hair is very full
    His stupidity is hidden by this image making bull

    Perfect I would say…… 🙂

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