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  1. A great evening companied by Don Mclean. I think it was good he was alone with his guitar and his banjo. I remember listening to him and his American Pie and Vincent in 1971. Great songs and great lyrics. It was an evening to be remembered, it turned out exactly how I hoped it would. You gave us all we had hoped for. I hope you will come back to Stavanger sometime again in the near future.

  2. The concert in Stavanger was nothing but excellent. I will remember it for the rest of my life. Strong vocal performance. Noone missed the band really. Don still has got the magic! THank you so much for your truly great and memorable performance !! Hope you will come back to Stavanger one day.

  3. I love Don McLeans 70’s music, and was really interested to hear what he’s doing these days. But also a bit nervous, as the ad in the newspaper promised he’s always playing his 2 biggest hits. Would people pay almost 100$ just to hear two 40 year old songs? Judging from applause to the intros (including applause-misunderstanding to the Empty Chairs intro) they obviously did. I felt embarassed when he ended the concert with a singalong-version of A.P. It didn’t fit Don (or the song). Otherwise the concert included both some of the worst (the wonderful Tapestry sung completely out of tune) and best singing I ever heard! That’s when he sung newer and lesser known songs. He seemed quite fed up with the famous ones, often letting the vocals wander far off the steady guitar beat. I was thinking “wow, how on earth does he do that” and “well, he’s killing his great songs…”. It was nice to hear Don talk about the dangers of internet and his life in the woods. He said he’s too lazy to practice (probably includes warming up). His guitar strumming was steadily excellent. The new songs were OK. At the end it was really refreshing when he picked up his banjo, really enjoyable!

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