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  1. Excelent concert in Oslo last week!!.
    At the end he sang a song whith the lyrics like ” I grew up old missing you…. ” which song is that? really beatiful, one of HIS favorite from some other author. The very best to Don and thanks for coming to Norway and Oslo.

  2. No offence taken, Bill H! In Norway “critical journalism” REALLY means critical, and I do not share the critics views here. I suspect, neither does Rune…! And I hope people will check out this music themselves and not take the critics view, atleast not without checking it out first!
    And Rune: OK, I am much too entusiastic about “Mountains of Mourn”…!!! I admit that willingly! Even when trying to write “And I love you so” , it comes out wrong! 🙂

  3. Apologies Kari if you thought I was being in any way disrespectful to Norway or Norwegian people. That certainly wasn’t my intention. I was just making an interpretation of what seemed to emerge from the reviews. It appeared that there was an attempt to explain that Norwegians did not easily show their emotions but that it didn’t mean they weren’t enjoying themselves. I know Don likes responsive, even rowdy audiences so that cultural thing must have made it difficult if he couldn’t sense a response. As to the word jovial, it means exactly the same thing in English but the wonders of Google translated into sleazy, which is a very negative word. I pointed it out only because I love the little quirks in Google translation even though I like it because you can get the essential meaning out of articles in a foreign language. Like every true Brit I speak only English, some would even say I struggle with that!

    Anyway I am really glad that you enjoyed the show and that Rune did too. I am very envious of you seeing a solo show. Next week I set off on my own travels…9 concerts in 17 days…probably around 3000 km of driving, two flights (dustclouds permitting) and nearly 2 hours of American Pie! I can’t wait. Hopefully, many Norwegians will attend!

  4. It was just wonderful to be in the audience.
    A true great artist, and a still hard working legend.
    We had just a perfect consert experience in Bergen.
    Of caurse it must be different without the band.
    When you are planning a full tour, based on the new CD.
    And only a great artist as, and with skills like, Don McLean, can make it as magic as it came out.
    Thank you Sir. We are proud to be fan of yours.

    We bought the new CD, and guess what we played for our 8 hours home travel..?
    I am just thrilled to find one of my favorite songs there.
    “The Three Of Us”.
    Heard the song in Dublin 2007, and could not find it anywhere since. No I have it.
    “Addicted to Black” is already a favotite song among the youngsters…
    “Lovers Love The Spring” will become a true hit. It makes everyone happy.

    Bought my tickets in october 09.
    1100 km driving. 3 days of holiday, and everything was just perfect.
    Thanks a lot from Amanda (17) Andrea (19) and Rune (50).
    Bless you Sir.

  5. Believe me, BillH, it does NOT say Sleasy!! It says “jovial” and means warm, enjoyable and “all around good-guy” in our “neck of the world”. And to the concert, “Crying” was splendid, “Mountains of Mourn” was fantastic (always is)!
    But more importantly: Thanks, Don, for taking us on an insightful and witty tour around what formed you as an artist and giving us a glimpse into traditional American music, culture and society back thru the 70-s and 60-s, to the 1930 – great! I hope there are a lot of Norwegians in the UK who will get the chance to enjoy this concert. I know we did!

  6. Two somewhat conflicting views of Bergen. My Norwegian fell a bit short, so excuse the usual Google anachronisms. I particularly don’t know how ‘Sleazy’ gets into the second title given the positive review, it seems to be the translation for ‘Jovial’! The 70th century also gets a mention…. I think even Don’s career might have faltered by then!! There seems some doubt that both these gents were at the same concert. One has an unresponsive audience and Don singing Crying out of tune, the other has a warm audience and Don’s voice being especially strong on Crying. Which I suppose all goes to prove that history is bunk…..

    The negative view


    The more positive view


  7. Crossed the mountains yesterday. 480 km, and 8 hours.
    My two daughters and me. Beatuiful journey as always.
    Bergen at its best today, and we are very much looking forward to this consert.
    This will bee more than a consert for us….
    Hopefully a lot of people will attend, and hope for many reiews here.

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