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  1. I had a wonderful time and Don Mclean was terrific! I felt the privilege of being able to experience Don’s solo concert, as a matter of fact, I prefer it to him with the band (though I’ve never been to his other concerts). I could actually feel and and be touched his voice and his guitar. And the way he entertained the audiences, it was such a pleasure that you can’t find it from only hearing the record.
    I was so excited when I knew that Don is going to perform concert in Europe but disappointed to know that he didn’t come to Stockholm (where I currently reside). So I came all the way from Stockholm (well, it is not that far I could say that), took a night bus, took two days off from work and there I was, Rockefeller, Oslo. I once thought that to see Don’s performance I had to fly to USA and here was my lucky chance. I am hoping and wishing that Don will have a Europe tour again (and hopefully in Sweden next time 😉 )

  2. http://b5160-r.blogspot.com/2010/05/det-er-de-frereste-der-kan-forma-at-ga.html

    Translated by Google

    It is the færereste can manage to go on stage alone with only a guitar and a banjo as a result and then go through an entire set (an improvised set, mind you) to almost two hours without losing his audience underway.
    Don Mclean is one of the few who still can and he did it with flying colors yesterday at Horsens Ny Teater.

    He began by telling that he had no set list and wanted to play what has now occurred to him but that he would play the hits people know, “including that Madonna hit.”

    He started out with a few cover of Buddy Holly and with them was my fear of the sound in HNT would be horribly confounded. His brought soundman was really a phenomenal job. I’ve been to a couple concerts in HNT where the sound was mud and decidedly miserable, so sound engineer deserves a medal for his work that night.

    As said Don Mclean performing solo on this tour (his only consequence was his soundman) because his band over the last 15 years stuck in Nashville because of the ash cloud. And thankfully it is tempted to say it was really an experience to have a solo concert from a large (though I think still underrated) legend as Don Mclean. He was incredibly well playing that night, her voice is nothing less than perfect and might as well be taken directly from his plates. Especially if you change without notice him with other aging folk musician of his character (Dylan for example.), Then Mclean really managed to retain his live performances as they were on time 40 years ago.

    He was good about his impromptu set, where he besides various cover of Buddy Holly and Josh White of course, got the game its own number, among these were “Winter Wood” “If We Try,” “Vincent,” “Empty Chairs , “” Castles In The Air, “” And I Love So “rather than” American Pie. ” Latter was clearly and not surprisingly the most famous among the number – you can view the well afford to say – provincial audience, which definitely should not be out of breath to clap or sing along to a song. Great hit but got the audience up on chairs and austere sing along to choruses and who notes so that Mclean forgot a few lines and an entire verse of the song.

    Towards the end of the evening he found the banjo, and after a couple of his own number raised on banjo, it was – I think – really interesting when he ended by playing a cover of Dylan’s “Masters of War.” With the numbers he showed a second more serious side of himself, the inner activist came forward and severity showed up in his face. He had a very striking point with just the song, so the audience knew it or not, chilling it was at any rate for me.
    But it would certainly not stop there. After enthusiastic applause, he came with a beautifully interpreted encore of the Beatles’ “In My Life” and ended the evening’s concert with a smile rather grim earnest mines.

    Characteristic of Don Mclean performing that night was his very restful presence, it was obvious that mark on him that he has more than 40 years experience as a touring musician, through the small drop anecdotes and guitar / banjo jams between songs. It was a nice evening and we got the impression that he might as well ha ‘played for a handful of people at home with himself for pleasure and not a sold out large hall into a theater for the money.

  3. Yea, the audience might have been a bit reserved – in the beginning; Norwegians you know 🙂 But mind you, my wife and I have not had a date like this for years 🙂 (and she is an American 😆 )

    I had a music blast of adventure – as you could read from my blog post! Thanks for plugging me Wanda!

  4. What a great one-man show! Don Mclean alone on stage with just a lone acoustic guitar and a 5-string banjo – it doesn’t get much better than that! Don sings better than ever, and also gets to show off his fantastic guitar skills. Come back to Norway soon!!


    Well, what can I say…WOW!! Now I understand why people rave about Don singing solo. I love the band very much and I’m looking forward to hearing Don sing with the band again but tonight was a wonderful experience for me, and for those who were lucky enough to attend the concert at the Rockefeller.

    Don sang well over 20 songs starting around 9.20pm and finishing at 11pm. As always, he sang every note perfectly and his voice sounded better that I could have ever hoped for. Some highlights – in my opinion – were: Magdalene Lane, Superman’s Ghost, Homeless Brother, Wonderful Night and This Little Light of Mine 🙂
    Of course, all the favourites were included such as Castles in the Air, Bronco Bill’s Lament and Winterwood. He also sang I Was Always Young from ‘Addicted to Black’. Don finished up with some amazing banjo playing and the last song of the evening was Masters of War.
    I’m still amazed by the beauty and the quality of Don’s voice (solo!) and I believe that there is no one else who can move and entertain an audience the way he does.

    The audience was probably the most reserved audience I have ever come across but they eventually livened up when they heard the first few notes out of that banjo. It seems that the banjo goes down a treat with everybody in all countries. The venue looked pretty run down to me – no offence to anybody – and the beer was a bit too bitter for my spoilt taste buds but I have since discovered a lovely Norwegian beer that will hopefully keep me awake a little longer while I remember this wonderful night.

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